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  • gambler840 gambler840 Mar 4, 2013 10:04 PM Flag

    Re: Is the bull run over until next earnings in april

    Constant stock manipulation on daily basis, keeping price below 33 mark. I'm not a technical guy so anybody thinks the bull run is still on until next earnings or it will go down from here until next catalyst.

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    • ping pong off mas til breakz outta da beast ma.

    • wasn't it the great one wayne gretzky who said you have to skate to where the puck is GOING?
      i've followed qcor for over six years and one thing i can say w/ certainty is that nobody will be able to predict the timing of hitting a specific price target(mine is $75+). in fact, anyone who tries to predict WHEN that will happen will likely be wrong. from my experience, it'll happen either before or after the prediction, LOL.

      that said, who cares whether it takes 2 months or 18 months? qcor will outperform the general market, we'll collect at least 3% while we wait, and the stock will go up, even if the market is down.

      last and most important, besides the 6.3M sh buyback, the company will be doing private meeting w/ "real" long-term (potential) investors over the next three weeks. all it takes is one buyer for the stock to be up 30% from here in a short time :) imho, the stock will move before the april earnings.

    • Sorry, can't tell you daily analysis on ups and downs of PPS. I expected a close around 32.85. did not expect Benzinga to misinform the investment community. Created a short attack that did not recover. Long term valuation well we all know way under valued. Now will a catalyst come tomorrow that drives shares up, who knows. Now do I think we will run up to $40 on no news, No. It was obvious today that shorts still showing interest in manipulating QCOR. I believe that they spent at least 500k-600k shares of their ammo. That at some point they will need to cover. With all these shares short can't believe they are finding shares to short. Maybe naked short selling. It will be interesting to see what the short interest was on 3/1.

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