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  • granicus007 granicus007 Mar 24, 2013 11:59 AM Flag

    Wall Street & Analysts are sleeping at the wheel w/extremely undervalued QCOR

    * $1.00/share dividend (and with qcor printing cash this may be drastically increasing)
    * share buy-backs go back and read the annual report. qcor has proven very adept at opportunistically buying back shares at extremely attractive prices.
    * with the Board authorizing even more buy backs, and the stock so cheap, I expect them to continue buying back these shares so long as qcor share prices remain so cheap.
    * Wall Street is NOT factoring in much (enough) growth expecations (by a long shot). They are in essence driving via the rear-view mirror.
    * assume ZERO growth, no debt, share buy-backs, dividend increases (I'm already geting over 5% on some of my lowest cost shares now) nor Biovectra earnings and qcor is only selling at 10x 2012 earnings? This is classic Wall Street "mis-pricing".
    * Look at the P/E's of similar companies. If QCOR were priced at a still modest 15x earnings 2012 earnings(again, assuming zero growth, no dividend increase-nothing), it would increase QCOR shares 50%!
    * QCOR has one of the lowest PEG ratios I know of...screams UNDERVALUED. There is at present ZERO growth priced into QCOR share price.
    * There is apparently NO profits from Biovectra, nor GOVT reimbursements at the present share price and earnings multiple.
    * Wall Street and shorts focused on the WRONG issue. The "one trick pony" mantra only works with the completely willfulI GNORANT who fail to mention that Acthar is already FDA approved for "19" indications, how Acthar would be extremely difficult for any competitors to replicate, and that QCOR has heretofore only marketed a small part of those approved indications.
    * No credit for what may prove to be a brilliant move by QCOR to purchase Biovectora. This means as QCOR's sales continue to increase, there will NOT be supply chain disruptions or problems increasing production. Also, in military parlance, QCOR "secured their flanks" by now securing the difficult manufacturing process of Acthar.
    (see MaxDad for detailed future EPS)

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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