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  • maxdad01 maxdad01 Mar 27, 2013 4:27 PM Flag

    ####s....Biogen vs. Questcor

    Less you have doubts...Clearly Biogen is the 600 pound gorilla by comparison, but it's size also inhibits how fast it can grow and its growth is minute compared to Questcor. YET take a look at the following CURRENT stats on Biogen (a great company by the way):

    P/E (ttm): 31.72
    EPS (ttm): 5.76
    Share price $182

    NOTE: While this is somewhat of an apples to oranges analysis, Questcor P/E should be higher than Biogen's based on its growth (both history and forecasts), but let's just take Biogen's P/E and apply it to Questcor using last years EPS of $3.14 X 31.72 (P/E) = $99.60 (Questcor's current comparable price).

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    • There's no participation ova there, the message board is almost bare.
      Nobody even knows what's happening, word is out they're all flattening.

    • are right....and that is why I am so thankful the shorts have done such a good job keeping a lid on the share price. Extra days/weeks to continue accumulating shares/options.
      Buying shares of QCOR at the current price range is like picking money up off the street...lots of money off the street.
      THE most compelling buy in my investing universe!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Granicus,

        I've been in this business for a LONG TIME and I can't think of too many scenarios more compelling than we have with Questcor long term. With the exception of the Aetna scare (not much there and NO INDUSTRY FOLLOW-Thru), this undefined federal investigation into marketing practices (at most a slap on the wrist is most likely) and a relentless defense of a senseless massive short position, the numbers (past, present AND FUTURE) add up to "AS GOOD AS IT GETS" in terms of risk (nominal) to reward (4 to 6X over the next year or so...potentially much more on the back nine).