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  • helpmeiamstuck helpmeiamstuck Apr 15, 2013 12:49 PM Flag

    Guys I advice you to jump in SNTS now, it will cross $20 very fast. Sincere Advice to look into it.

    A very deep and sincere advice from someone who lost lots of money on QCOR

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    • Thank you

    • As of 4/12/13 price about $17.58. As of 4/18/13 price is $18.47 Profits are up almost 300% for the year and 165% for the quarter. They blew away the street expectations of 0.01 per share with 0.08. The forward p/e is only 18 times next years guidance of 0.92 to 1.00. This company has a hot new gastrointestinal drug that shows a high efficacy result and gives them their 5th product in the market. The company has picked up some new analyst (now that it has recently crossed over the $10 level) and could easily trade in a 30-40 p/e range for the year. I believe with the revenue growth (record revenues of $218 million in 2012: 48% projected revenue growth in 2013 = $322M with significant growth in net income [2012 $19M an over 300% increase over 2011’s $5M] vs estimated net income of $52M in 2013 273% increase over 2012) and new product development we are looking at a minimum target of $26 -$30 for 2013. The number of mutual funds buying SNTS shares has increased from 126 to 144 to 172 to 191 in recent quarters.

      Sales for 2014 are pegged at $408 million. EPS is pegged at $1.22 for 2014. We have some money coming from PAR damages (most probably $100M - $300M) The PAR damages trial won’t start until November 2014. With Zegerid back out of the gate with 90% margins, Uceris which will ramp, and Ruconest coming along with RIf MMX and additional indications maybe (probably) will come from each one, which will help with price increases.

      SNTS is rated BUY on the STREET RATINGS TD AMERITRADE target $20.08. ON 3-3-2013 one year price target was $17.06 as of updated on 3-10-2013 new price target $20.08.

      The actual value of the company based on potential sales of all products at P/S 3.31= stock price of $48, at P/S ratio of 5= stock price of $72. We’ll have to wait until May 2013 to see how Q1 progressed. Remember, this is their slowest quarter, so don’t expect a lot. I’m anticipating a bump up in share price to $20-21.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Out from QCOR and in at SNTS at $18.25 and doubled up my investment for a speedy recovery from QCOR loss
      I bought 14000 shares at an average of $18.25 and rumor has it that IBD is going to list it in top 10 once it crosses $20 which is coming soon

    • I took your advice and recovered my loss from SNTS and will make more money from SNTS

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • get lost

    • Advice me?

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