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  • mclim73 mclim73 Apr 30, 2013 11:59 PM Flag

    Just read the CC notes.. little summary. not as bad imo.

    -Revenue could of been much higher if not new medicaid label and inventory depletion of the old label. One analyst thinks it should be 20 percent higher. 4th Q was high order quarter and 1st Q was low. If you avg it out, it should work itself out. Like patentright1 said, if you take Q4 and Q1 revenue, we met the expectation.
    -Reimbursement center (new) probably caused 5 to 7 percent on revenue. (this will slowly improve, but it hits 1st Q since it was the beginning of it.
    -April is highest ever for vial shipped, but that is probably caused a bit by addition orders to fill inventory, but scrip is a record month.
    -MS returned to 4th Q levels in April. (very good)
    -NS grew in 1st Q, and again in April. (very good)
    -RA grew in 1st Q, and again in April. (very good)
    -ALS very huge potential. P2 will start soon. Orphan indication applied for.
    -RA indications will be very very big and each indication has potential to be as NS or MS according to Don.
    -OPEX will be $5 to $10 higher 2nd Q.
    -No shareback duey little window since they report 4th Q 2/3rd into the quarter.
    - Might hear some updates on 2nd Q by GS conference in June. BofA conference mid May.

    I expect 2nd Q to be a record quarter. At least we didn't get bunch of warnings like 4th Q CC which bolds well in the future quarters.

    I expect us to go up from here as the shorts got their win this Q. Future looks good.

    GL longs.


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    • I think this stock goes to 60 by year end. That being said, I sold my may calls this morning when the stock was up 3%. Still holding shares strong. I'm surprised it's higher today but I honestly had a feeling last night it would be. I think it will get manipulated back down also. May sell some covered calls. Before you all start calling me a short - i'm not. I'm long term long, but I hate losing money ;-).

    • Very good summary...this should keep getting bumped. Thanks.

    • i was initially shocked at the low revenue since we had

      -record NS scrips
      -record RA scrips
      -Biovectra revenue
      -Lower medicaid reimbursement

      Man 1st Quarter was just a quarter to get rid of all the excess fat. Low inventory, acquisition, start of new reimbursement center which lost 5 to 7 percent of revenue, no sharebuy back due to limited window, MS slowdown due to winter months, and of course the late 4th Q orders.

      Here is to better 2nd Q... so far record all time best APRIL scrip and vial shipped.