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  • idpatton01 idpatton01 May 5, 2013 2:06 AM Flag

    Told you not to sell

    told you not to seell. told you the stock would not hit $33. Told you this stock wes not going to give back its gains. ($100 million dollars in shares changed hand after a run up and the only difference was .18) Not bad.QCOR traded exactly the way I thought.

    If you did not sell you did great. if you bought more on the dip you did better. those that took their money an ran well nothig wrong with making a profit and taking one at the same time.

    QCOR will not be bought out. In fact QCOR is going to have its best week of trading coming up. Thats all I want to say for now.

    I would also like to say I own 3500 shares. Anyone who wants to say they own can. Those that sold their shares and took a profit, you can say 0 shares. Those that own another quanity please state the amount. Just curios how many people on this board own this company or have sold

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    • I also want to add that the accumulation & breakout above $25-$26 since late January have elevated QCOR's valuation, timing and safety metrics on many levels.

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    • Never mind all the boasting and predictions, Pit Man tell the facts on Options convictions.

    • Why will Qcor not be bought out?

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    • The stock did hit the 33's... Several times Friday, and as low as $33.47 fyi

    • Agree. I have held QCOR since Sept. I normally do not hold a stock this long without taking some profits. However in this case I did not sell at $36+ so I have waited this long and now something really good can happen any day. So I am willing to hold for a while longer. Thanks for the info and continue to post here. There are some really smart people on this board and I appreciate all their input. AT the end of the day everyone has to make and live with their own decisions but this has been the most informative MB I have ever followed. Thanks again for everyone's input.

    • Ok, I didn't sell. I am holding my shares long term but have May 34 calls and getting a little nervous. Although I feel that we have more upside in the near term as volume drops it makes it easier for the shorts to take it down. needless to say ill be watching the volume and price action very close this coming week. What is your price target for next week?

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      • here is what I think happened. Someone bought 2 million shares of QCOR. QCOR bought a high quality lab. They have plenty of salesmen, and I have no doubt they will double sales this years. As the CEO said from the conference call, "We have oreder we just did not book them. therefore, they are growing at the same rat of 22% per quarter. But there is a bigger picture here. They took on 64 salesmen. These sales people have to be very high producers with their own networks to distribute products and they are familiarr with the drug industry. QCOR will not be bought out,. I believe these salesmen have landed a MEGA deal to manufacture and distribute a drug, that bug Pharma no longer has an interest in and it generates no less then $400 million to 1 Billion a year. I believe they turned everything over to QCOR for manuafcaturing and distributio and these salesmen have been busy visiting their accounts and generating relationships and increasing orders. I believe a new release will happen everyday. Trust me, 64 salesmen were not sitting around doing nothing. This is a people business and you need people if you are gouing to do something like this. if this is the case, and I have seen this beofre this QCOR will rocket way past $55 a share. QCOR shares should of never dropped, they have no debt and good cash floor. In addition, the medicaid boost to their sales will only generate more sales.

        There are those that will disagree with me on this board. You have that right. It is your money. You invest it the way you see if. I am going to buy more shares Monday. Enjoy the trade. One other thing. They were offering more on the sales price then the ask price on Friday. That means they want your shares. I am 100 percent certain of that. In addtion the gains were not lost. I have a saying, when the gains stick its the real deal. In this situation the gains stuck..