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  • alienvapor alienvapor Jun 13, 2013 5:07 AM Flag

    Why does QCOR attract chatty fools instead of professional reporters?

    Exasperated, baffled by the recent articles and the continued ignorance. Really, by now they should have stopped with all the lazily manufactured fantasies they attribute to reasons why QCOR went down and done some reporting. Just because a stock went down doesn't mean a reporter has to spread the short's propaganda. It's not unbiased to do so, just sloppy and unprofessional. Lazy adzes.

    geez there should be a time date or limit to the number of times a reporter can repeat something unfounded. Talk about a lack of depth. QCOR's recent acquisition is one of the more interesting market stories just based on strategy alone, besides the complexity. And there is only one article that attempts to explain the acquisition.

    Jonz no one believes you made any money shorting. Are you saying that your plethora of short buys like the one at 34 and then two days later shoots up to 50 is still not covered so you don't call it a loss? I'm not going back through your posts, but you have claimed to have made a bunch of short buys if I remember right and the stock has steadily climbed. No one trades in and quick enough not to be burned badly when it'sagainst the trend.

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