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  • discodadda discodadda Jun 14, 2013 8:33 AM Flag

    Synacthen Revenues Current Market Size ETC

    Poked Around a Bit... Cannot seem to quantify the current size of the market for Synacthen.... 36 Countries... It would seem the market outside the USA for Synacthen would be many many many (like 20 times?) times bigger than Acthar here in the States... even at $1000 dollars a vial... I also read somewhere here that there is a Veternary use?? Any clarifacations or hypothesis welcome.


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    • I have a vast Synacthen repository from research I did last October. Sigma Tau has the rights in the UK but they went private or something (can't remember right now) and data is only publicly available up to 2010/2011. When they took over the rights in the UK, they initially did well, then the last two years scripts fell. They were not doing a good job.

      It is approved in some countries only for veterinary use, as approval was never obtained. Other countries have limited approvals for some of the indications.

      Regarding IS, it dropped on the UK treatment list, probably because of the Benzo in it that is toxic to infants. Over there, they have about 5 drugs they use before Synacthen.

      I could go on, but suffice to say this made sense for Novartis also. Questcor has experience marketing and conducting trials with ACTH. In fact, some of the overseas Synacthen trials the last 5 years were done by Questcor.

      Based on my research, it appears Questcor has been interested in this deal for about 5 years and Michael Aldridge finally made it happen.

      I'm sure Gregg Lapointe's firing from Sigma Tau, and subsequent lawsuit against them, also made it an easy decision for them to now go with Questcor. Sigma Tau is a bit messy the last 2 years and Gregg's orphan filing to help the shorts probably didn't help Soligenix's bid (he's on their board) or Cerium's bid (his new company in the 2 room office in the townhouse subdivision near my father's place.

      Questcor's recent hirings of board members, execs, and reps, along with their expansive growth the last 2 years also made them the easy choice.

      Don't pay attention to all the tweets from Adam F, and the silly articles from Motley Fool. Novartis and Questcor have plans... I guarantee it!