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  • maxdad01 maxdad01 Jul 17, 2013 3:12 PM Flag

    AFFY now up 10% TODAY on

    NOTHING NEW...As I have said, I'm in this one purely for the big score NOT a few pennies (when Omontys is returned to market by Takeda and there is a deal from Takeda to take out the rest of Affymax...specifically their recently amended agreement for milestone and royalty payments).

    BUT who knows, perhaps there is some "LEAKAGE" :-) Anyway, know a bunch of you are following and thought it worth a quick post...

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    • Thanks Max--same as you--holding for the big news--but glad to see the bounce.
      Maybe there was some leak or tidbit or theory put forth in Japan.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I too haven't found anything yet (they've been masterful keeping a lid on info flow).

        Don't know if there is a leak or not...BUT the MOMENT any reasonably legitimate piece of information is revealed (even in a "leak"), the FLOODGATES WILL START TO OPEN!!! It took Takeda about 2 months to deal with similar issue with the deaths from AMAG's anemia drug (AMAG is another Takeda partner just like Affymax and in the same arena, with very similar issues) and GET IT BACK ON THE MARKET. Affymax situation is more complicated and extremely high probability that the only remaining hangup (IMO) is negotiations with Fresenius over the 3 fatalities, how they'll be explained and, most significantly, whether or not Fresenius will remain a channel for Omontys. This last point will be key to valuing Affymax after Omontys is returned to market. Either way I still strongly believe Omontys will be restored, a deal will occur between Takeda and Affymax and that Affymax shareholders of today will receive a very substantial return over current prices...How much? I think 8-10X without Fresenius...20X WITH... And other than some out of left field cause of death revealed during Takeda's investigation (NOT LIKELY because incident rates would have been significantly higher), OMONTYS WILL RETURN TO MARKET!!!

    • don't care. i am in for the 10 bags.

    • Short analytics shows 64% of the volume was sold short today and the stock goes up a dime.....This ain't right!

    • much in favor of the updates. Jumped into this one the first time you mentioned it. Thanks again!


    • Caught my eye too. No news though, right? Volume was loooow.

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      • Just searched all open locations for news...Couldn't find anything, but while it could be nothing or could be short covering (who would blame them at this point), it also could be something leaked out today (pure speculation on my part). But it has been rising fairly steadily the past few days on relatively low volume (today was a little bit higher). ANYWAY, these are NOT the moves most AFFY longs are waiting for when Omontys is returned to market by Takeda. Did see an article on Takeda's other Anemia partner's (AMAG) drug being RESTORED TO MARKET after it had been withdrawn for a couple of months from a death in Switzerland. AMAG has RELABELLED (Black Box Warning for potential Anaphylaxis, just like Omontys) and brought it back to market. Now just gotta wait until Takeda does same for Omontys. NOTE---AMAG's drug not targeted at Kidney patients on Dialysis, and also doses every 3-7 days versus Omontys once per month...I.E., totally different drugs, but BOTH ARE PART OF TAKEDA'S PLAN TO KNOCK OFF AMGEN'S MONOPOLY OF THE ANEMIA RX MARKETPLACE. Amgen's Anemia drugs will come off patent in the next few years.