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  • jamiejaytrader jamiejaytrader Aug 3, 2013 7:38 AM Flag

    check out shortanalytics

    it seems not a whole lot shorting was done yesterday (32%).

    So i think it was mostly profit taking that took this down 6% on friday.
    A healthy pullback as some say.

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    • You say "not a lot" but 32% of TRUE volume (not HFT) THREE DAYS IN A ROW is pretty high, especially considering what Q2 revealed... Can't believe people are still shorting this. Yes, there was a massive gap up (deservedly so after Q2), but no one learned their lesson? No matter HOW low they can temporarily get this (I don't think they can get it much lower as Resistance at $65.50 held twice on SEPARATE days and PLENTY of buying interest below $66), they can't get it low enough to "cover" their losses (no pun intended LOL). A majority of short positions were opened pre-earnings, putting a majority of remaining shorts at a $14 loss MINIMUM per share right now. They are currently focused on minimizing and cutting their losses. I definitely agree with the healthy part, as we saw a lot of accumulation and coiling Friday for the next run up, where this could go as high as $80 - $85 short term, and up to $100+ before year end.

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    • I do not think Shorts is a factor anymore, they cannot plan and execute bears attach similar or lesser to Sept. 2012 anymore, traders realized that shorts attack was unethical. Now they will be fighting for pennies and maximum may be for a buck, they will sooner or later disappear and we might see them around 2M regularly, it will be on-going and never will go down to zero.
      If I will compare my investment (first time I invested mid-March this year in QCOR), short could have lost fortune and my investment gained 120%+, I am long and holding tight. My LEAPS 55, 65 & 75 will expire in Jan. 2014, I have no hurry for them, and I will keep my shares long as long as QCOR is growing YoY and QoQ.
      Profit taking do bring down stocks, I think lot of people deserve profit taking and is normal. Larger the gap up, I expect larger swing in PPS, Three Day Rule also factors in. Next week, QCOR will be back on it's track to %100.

      Enjoy the Ride.
      Cheers to all Longs.

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      • From stockcharts website.
        Runaway Gaps

        Runaway gaps are also called measuring gaps, and are best described as gaps that are caused by increased interest in the stock. For runaway gaps to the upside, it usually represents traders who did not get in during the initial move of the up trend and while waiting for a retracement in price, decided it was not going to happen. Increased buying interest happens all of a sudden, and the price gaps above the previous day's close. This type of runaway gap represents an almost panic state in traders. Also, a good uptrend can have runaway gaps caused by significant news events that cause new interest in the stock. In the chart below, note the significant increase in volume during and after the runaway gap.

        There is an old saying that the market abhors a vacuum and all gaps will be filled. While this may have some merit for common and exhaustion gaps, holding positions waiting for breakout or runaway gaps to be filled can be devastating to your portfolio. Likewise, waiting to get on-board a trend by waiting for prices to fill a gap can cause you to miss the big move. Gaps are a significant technical development in price action and chart analysis, and should not be ignored. Japanese candlestick analysis is filled with patterns that rely on gaps to fulfill their objectives.

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      • ms1184 - i agree with you that shorts don't play a factor anymore with QCOR.

        With the outstanding Q2 earnings and CC everyone knows QCOR has short, mid and long term growth and alot of catalysts.

        $65 is still VERY cheap and we we'll see alot of new investors jumping in at these levels now that QCOR has so much good PR/coverages etc...

        The future and near future looks very bright!!! :-)))

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      • OOPS! %100.
        Three Day Rule also factors in. Next week, QCOR will be back on it's track to $100

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    • Understandable. Anybody who makes a 30-35% gain in just a week is certainly going to lock-in profits. And then there's still the momentum shorts trying to scalp a couple of cents with the price drop. The important thing is that the whole short thesis against QCOR is almost completely dispelled, and most of the serious shorts have moved on. One more strong quarter, and then we're really off to the moon.

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