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  • noquickgame noquickgame Aug 15, 2013 11:44 PM Flag

    today's action

    shortanalytics report
    real vol: .52 mil
    short%: 38
    with such low short%, how did they manage to reverse the earlier gain? long interest is so low? i guess the shorts will keep the pps low to get over the OpEx. if history is of any value, we'll see a run up on Monday.

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    • First, 38% is a HIGH short percentage, not low. More than a third of the real volume was shorting... That's A LOT. They got lucky. We had just hit $69+, so stop sells smart day traders who set them slightly below $70 kicked in. Add shorting to the profit taking at the same time to accelerate the downtrend. Finally, market correction yesterday was becoming big around the same time so discouraged retail from buying back in. So, the price temporarily fell back to where it started and slightly lower. This is worth $85 - $100+ but is trading at $66 - $67. It's still a steal below $80 until Q3 IMO. After Q3..., expect an even higher price tag.

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    • or tomorrow if the big boyz decide to squash shortiez opex dezignz.