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    • Son, it looks to me as if you don't know much about a whole lot. Now take the price of Q; its like raising cattle. Today and tomorrow, your stock may drop some pounds (think dollars if it helps you understand). A few days later they more than make up for their loss (Hint: They drink more water and eat more grass and grain and don't move around as much). Now any person with a functional brain knows that the cattleman hasn't lost or made any profit until it comes time to take the beasts to market and put them in the auction. Am I going to fast for you Son? So, we who are long are sleeping good just knowing our stock is being well nurtured by those wonderful physicians who are increasingly writing additional prescriptions for Q. Do you see where I going with this or is your head up your buttocks again? Therefore, study this lesson in complex economics (I know you may have to burn the midnight oil but it will do you good) and it may take some time to sink in but you just keep trying. Failure to understand may result in being greased where you have indicated you have a passion to know pain.

      Now from the esteemed Commonwealth which will supply the 81 Virginians to the Islamic fanatics, have a good evening and don't omit your studies; otherwise we may send some Virginians to visit you, starting with George Washington and a war party. We have plenty you know!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Trying to push this below 67 before close and failing KY?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy