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  • nyjohnnygrey nyjohnnygrey Sep 13, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

    For Newbies in QCOR part 2


    One way the MMs and shorts manipulate is through bashers. And also through "people" who pretend to agree with the bashers.

    There are hard bashers, such as Jonz Kelly., who always includes the term "gayjuwbusters" in his name and changes his name daily so he can't be put on ignore, or so he says. He is the kind of basher who taunts, insults, gets in your face.

    Then there are soft bashers. they pretend they are just concerned investors asking questions about the stock. Sometimes the questions are legit. But they are asking these questions to arouse your fears, and they never acknowledge the big picture - QCOR is a stock that was attacked successfully by shorts simply because it was a good target, not because there was any legitimacy to the clams of the shorts that the stock was overvalued.

    The stock continues grossly undervalued and thus will continue to make big gains over time.

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    • NYJG - Agree. I couldn't believe the shorts would fall into the sauce with distorted scenario put together by vermut12. Doesn't he understand that if a company continues to do well and has a promising future then the stock price will eventually follow. He is not a soft basher. He is a hard basher with ED. Now to Part III Jim

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Stop pumping and luring people inside this stock. QCOR has obviously started to base again after a failed break out a week or so ago.

      To those wondering - this stock has just started building a new base. It's on the way down. If you haven't got a position in this stock already from lower figures there is absolutely no reason why you should want to buy it at this stage. Unless you want to ride it all the way down and watch your money shrink. There is no guarantee the lows have been established. And it is unknown when the stock will break out again.

      Keep it on your watch list. Buy only when a new uptrend has been established. These boards are full of fanatics who fell in love with this stock and keep holding their bags against any sense.

      Again this is not the right time to be buying this stock. The company may be doing fine but the stock is not doing fine. All stocks are bad unless they are making you money. Remember it.

      I personally keep it on my watch list and have set alerts.

    • patrick.tripp Sep 13, 2013 10:49 AM Flag

      This newbie just bought more shares at 63.

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