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  • hbfgvv hbfgvv Sep 21, 2013 12:41 AM Flag

    SEC Compaint

    Can all of you who are upset about the short selling, complain to the SEC on their website, about your suspicions that this stock is being manipulated? There is no point complaining on Yahoo boards. It is a waste of time, and SEC does not read it, and wil not take any action, unless there are official complaints.

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    • Just submitted the Complaint form online. Lets hope they look into it. I think we should all do this. This manipulation is getting very old. Its time to try and put a stop to it. If not, QCOR earnings are useless to us as investors. QCOR can crush estimates and the Naked short selling can crush the share price at the same time. That's some BS

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    • Isn't it a good time to buy the dip instead of just being #$%$ off about the price decline? I usually sell a few every time it gets way ahead like at 70, so I buy again come Monday. Buy and hold can yield the highest return but it can also cut both ways. Since the fundamental long term potential growth is unchanged, I'll start buying more when it dips close to 50. GLTAL!

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    • A few minutes ago, I filed a complaint on the SEC website, requesting the SEC to investigate recent QCOR price action to determine if there is any illegal stock manipulation by certain parties. This is the first time I have done it. I am curious about what kind of response I will receive from the SEC.

    • If shorts are allowed by the SEC to short it down 10% in one day (and they are) then how are you going to argue
      its being "manipulated"? Its legal manipulation.

    • Ditto, I say we flood the SEC with complaints, then maybe they might pay attention

    • I went to the SEC website and filed a complaint even though I'm 100% certain that it will be thrown in the trash bin, it just felt good to do it. I know this makes me a hippocrate because I bought Jan14 options at the low yesterday and will buy more next week if they continue the bear raid (keep shaking that tree GS). But I don't care, the manipulation is wrong and should be reported, even if it does fall on deft ears...

      Even if you're taking advantage of this bear raid you should go to the SEC website and file a complaint. Who knows, maybe if the SEC gets enough complaints they might actually do something (wishful thinking LOL).



    • I have already done this myself and encourage others to as well.

      Simply go the SEC site and scroll down to "contact us", then select "investor complaint".

      I submitted two forms.

      1. "Report a Possible Security Fraud" under the "naked shorting" option.
      2. And also "Ask a Question".

      Hopefully, Rule 201 getting triggered twice in such a close proximity on a company who has great performance and no bad news is already on their radar. If enough retail complain, maybe they will look into it.

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