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  • ferrarimercedesman ferrarimercedesman Sep 24, 2013 12:59 AM Flag


    Shorts will need to cover soon or get crushed like they did last go round. They didn't learn from their last beating. Just a bunch of glutens for punishment.

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    • I think a great many of the smarter shorts did learn. The smart ones have made a ton of money on the Q just like us longs have - they got out and let it run up near $75 then reshorted. They will now cover and let it run again. Only this time it will run to $85 and then they may think about reshorting - but they will only be able to get it back to $65-$70 the next time and then they will get out again and let it run over $100. So we have higher highs and higher lows each time. The problem for the smart shorts is that eventually this yo yo will end and the Q will finally get the multiple it deserves given its growth trajectory or, at some point, big Pharma could come in with a buy out (not likely, but always possible). The problem for the not-so-smart shorts is that they don't cover at levels like right now and they will lose their shirts at $125 at the April earnings call.