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Questcor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (QCOR) Message Board

  • zismellfrogfeces zismellfrogfeces Sep 25, 2013 4:41 PM Flag

    Sell side analysts desperate to get their institutional clients out higher

    I expect we'll see a few more reiteration of price targets forthcoming. Not that it will matter, only retail buying. It'll still go down. Why are they reiterating their price targets that aren't even valid for 16 or more months? Normal behavior for that timeframe is to produce your research and let your clients pick a good place to buy. Constant reiterations reeks of desperation.

    Retail forgetting the millions owed to Novartis and Biovectra each quarter. More employees, global expansion that costs money, Biovectra a zero sum gain as they make money daddy has to pay them more, Novartis payments due while also paying to try and make Synacthen markets viable, insider dilution, etc.

    It all adds up. As some here have tried to pick apart things like the insider options, claiming they only add 2 to 3%, well 3% + 5% + 10% +?? for all the other things.

    Don't let me stop you from buying though. Your best amateur analysts left the board and you are left with one who keeps claiming higher and higher EPS, without accounting for all the new expenses.

    Oh and the 5 competing drugs in various stages of trials over the next 12 months. Some of you are even invested in those companies, based on your posts.

    Don't say I didn't warn you when it drops another 10 to 20% or more. I warned you at $70, I warned you at $60, I warned you at $55.

    Take care brave little bulls. Motley Fool is on your side now, so I'm not even sure why I'm posting. That says it all already.

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    • 66% short ratio drove down 7 cents? Are you going to dump more tomorrow? But in the end, you will be toasted like frog feces!

    • I'll make sure I bump this post within the next 6 weeks when we touch $80. What you fail to understand is that we are thick-skinned longs here. $60, $55 or $50 are inconsequential to us when we know where the PPS will reside. The hike down is par for course and we will continue to happily wait.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Feces, it always amazes me how people like you get so bold when the wind has been to your back for a few days. The "bonus" payouts to Novartis and Biovectra are RESULTS dependent (how convenient for you to ignore that) though I have NO DOUBT that they'll get paid based on Q's continued performance and those performance commitments to both Biovectra and Novartis.

      BTW, have you ever thought that your screen name alone REMOVES EVERY SHRED OF CREDIBILITY YOU MIGHT HAVE HAD???

      Your few days with Q in your favor have come and are about to be long since gone as they head toward $1.65 non-gaap earnings in Q3 and $1.95 in Q4...but just check my accuracy record on EPS estimates if you have any doubts...Been beating the crappola out of every analyst on the street!!! And will most assuredly put jerks like you in their ultimate place even if you happened to have a few (short) days that made you so bold!!!

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      • You just lost all credibility, like you did with AFFY.

        Novartis payments are NOT results based. Regular payments whether they make money or not, and it's in the $20M per payment range. If they actually sell Synacthen, that amount goes up!

        Until they actually start selling it, it's a cost. You claim to be some guru financial guy but you didn't even know that.

        Glad I didn't follow you into AFFY and dang glad I never followed you here. I did my own trading based on my own analysis.

        I'm sure the other longs that are caught under-water will cheer you on though. Looking forward to getting the thumbs down for calling you out for the liar you are.

    • Hey shotry - you are full of #$%$. Most longs on this board have made hundreds of thousands of dollars and totally disregard all that you say. We know you lost lots shorting and are still trying. Good luck.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Same responses I got when it was 70, 65, 60...

      • 3 Replies to zismellfrogfeces
      • And they will be giving you the same responses when it goes back to $60, $70's (before earnings), $80's (after Q3 earnings) heading toward $100 by end of this year as I have been saying now for nine months and minus this little stutter step been 100% on trajectory!!! The difference between idiots like you and pros like me is that I actually really do some heavy lifting when I perform analysis versus you just flapping your keyboard with totally unsubstantiated nonsense. But the good news for you is that there seems to be a place for bash trash like you on virtually every one of these boards, so when this fails you you'll have any number of places to go do your dirty little job.

      • Hey Frog!! Here is your post on Aug 30th:

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        Looks like we go down to
        by zismellfrogfeces • Aug 30, 2013 6:37 PM Flag

        50, 40, 30 or whatever.

        So I will get prepared to cash in my puts soon and buy cheap call leaps with the profits.

        The dead giveaway was the Forbes article telling you to sell Jan 2015. $40 puts. Seriously? Did no one else catch that? Who is Forbes to suggest a highly risky LEAP like that? Anything can happen in a year and a half.

        Someone was really hoping they could buy cheap puts 2 days ago, didn't they?

        Questions is why in the world would you wanna BUY Cheap call Leaps if QCOR is such as bad company and in dire straits. Aye?

        Why don't you just go back to your old name of "Irritated Investor"


      • jsjcoley Sep 25, 2013 6:39 PM Flag

        Yea, and you got the same ones at 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, .....

    • This smells really really bad!

    • shorty: many words, little substance. Main logical flaw is that incurring costs in order to increase (appropriately discounted) revenues by more than said increased costs INCREASES PROFITS!

      For example, you don't need an accounting degree to see that the Biovectra acquisition or adding sales reps in RA (and later COPD) are/were massively profitable for Questcor. So #$%$ are you babbling about??

      I do not know what 5 drugs you have in your "mind" but I do know that most Acthar patients have not responded satisfactorily to first (second...) line treatments. Which treatments of which indications are going to reduce NET Acthar revenues, in your view? Are most of the competitive drugs in the MS indication by any chance?

      I'm not even sure why I'm posting since I'm talking with a certifiable cretin, but somebody has to do this low-level work, and since I am not a pharma, a max or a mikey, maybe I can save their time!

      • 1 Reply to pjmyers_tsi
      • Well said pj! This anal discharge is so far off base. He is clueless as regards the science part of the equation and equally as clueless when it comes to the business side of the equation. Frogfeces you are so choked up in tour own waste products that your premise and conclusion smell to high heaven. Take your little report back to your guru...Andrew Left at stinky Citron. At his table you can go over the intellectual conclusion that Mr. Jailbird made...Q going down to single digits...his time frame has passed.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The last two years of EPS gains are a matter of record. Your thesis is a matter of rank speculation that belies the facts. Those of us who have been in this stock for over a year have heard your story from $22. Even GS thinks it is worth $65. Are you saying you are more knowledgeable than GS let alone the other 7 major house PTs that are much higher?

      Take care cowardly little chicken #$%$ shorty... Citron is on your side

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