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  • ferrarimercedesman ferrarimercedesman Nov 7, 2013 10:51 AM Flag

    It appears Seeking Alpha had a change of heart

    The shorts scared me out at 61.40 But I just bought back in at 58.50. The Seeking Alpha story and the smart longs who beat me up yesterday for getting discouraged, confirmed what I originally thought. This company should be 90.00 and one day will. Im back long & strong

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    • I gave you a thumbs down because I come to the conclusion that your post was not a humorous spoof. If otherwise, please advise. Jim

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    • If you read all the #$%$ on Yahoo stock boards you will go bald. Everybody has opinion and a agenda when they write something. They are no experts or can they predict the future. Sort out the facts from fiction. Qcor is manipulated everyday and will be until this investigation is resolved. It makes money and is a high risk stock with narrow pipe-line. Until something happens you can buy and hold., get out, or play the ride. Anything else is all noise.

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      • Well said, and I hope people like FERR pay heed.
        For anyone just buying in now,all you have to do is look at the two year chart.
        Six qtr's of great and growing earnings and this stock is basically flat.
        Most of the people pumping on this board picked up their shares during last years crash and so are very bullish with their posts.
        Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, but just know where they are coming from.

        Secondly as I see it , we are likely to stay rather flat for another year or so until this investigation resolves itself. Oh, we may move up and down in a nice trading range, which is probably the thing to do. Trade it!

        Long term, we all hope this mess gets resolved and the stock finds it's true value, which I believe should double from here, with the earnings we could have in a year or so.
        May even see a buyout offer soon after the legal issues are resolved.

        Until then all I'm gonna do with much of my holdings is trade the price range.

      • Someone who gets it! Poetry and a $1 might buy you some cheap coffee..

        Well said Oti

    • Summary: Stay focused on the facts and not the "noise" and there is a lot of it these days. I think Questcor will drift up to $80 over the next month or so, and this will most likely occur when people least expect it like it usually does. There are many strong followers who think that we are looking at a $100-120+ stock down the road, and it's just a matter of "when" and "not if" because the overall confidence continues to be high. From what I can see, CEO Don Bailey is very focused on building a multi-billion dollar company (a multi-bagger from here). Yes folks, at least a double from here and this may put us in the sixth inning. Do you want to trust a CEO who has taken this company from $5.00 to $60+ or get tangled up with message board rumor mongers? Be smart! This company is in much better shape at $60 than it was at $5.00 believe me. Hitch your wagon to real leadership and a successful company working its "strategic business plan."

      Earnings will "Drive Ongoing Success" not rumors and innuendo: The 2013 earnings have gone from $4.80, and $5.80, to now $5.50, and $6.60 eps. We should all know from the $1.65 beat announced from the September Q3 that annualizing the $1.65 qtr without any additional sequential or yr/yr growth, we should be looking at $6.60 eps. Therefore, projecting out, if we know that the $6.60 math is way too low, we are essentially looking at: $6.60 x 15 P/E = $99 per share sometime in 2014. Stay the course.

    • I don't care if you are long or short, the only thing really annoys me is all these rapid fire high-speed trades.

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