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  • pissy_joe65 pissy_joe65 Nov 9, 2013 3:17 AM Flag

    Hey Michael Fuller.......'re fraud.....right???? Aren't you Mike.....You would have no problem emptying your best friends wallet as long as it fills yours, Give the people what then want....right???? If someone challenged to a fight at four, you'd run home at 3:00....Have some honor, would you??? You've said you would leave this board about 25 times now.....liar....that's what you do best....right....Michael Fuller,,,,you took this personal....and you know exactly what I'm talking about......why did you take this personal???......for your own gain?? I can't stand you and you know it. I could care less about your feelings towards me, You took it personal

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    • This is a perfect example of why YF should should allow just one ID
      and it should be for life.


    • Hee hee and the thumbs down start.

      I will be making money this week for sure. The sheep are still blind.

    • and LASTLY if you don't realize how completely ridiculous this board is, consider that some posters are actually mapquesting, google earthing, or whatever... what think is my house because I mentioned I could get to Harrisburg. Not realizing that poor Michael Fuller isn't me. I live a bit over an hour south and have made remarks about being able to throw a rock at the Mason Dixon line with cows living across the street.

      Do you get how absolutely ridiculous this board is? One poster isn't anonymous and people are hunting him down. LOL. All I can say is, that poor Michael Fuller up in Harrisburg is probably a typical PA guy so be careful hunting for me at his place. You'll get shot and the sheriff will only be mad because he got called out of bed in the middle of the night.

      So Pissy, do yourself a favor. Don't take things so personal, relax, ignore people you don't like, do some due diligence instead of blindly following the filtered information you are spoon fed by the pumpers, and take ownership of your investments and choices. You'll be less stressed out if nothing else.

      That will be $150 for this therapy session, where should I send the bill?

    • Ran out room, so continued.

      The most bizarre thing though, is how any of you anonymous posters (with multiple ids) take it so personally when someone writes something you aren't interested in or doesn't agree with your thesis.

      Personally I have a bit of fun when I'm bored and someone starts stirring things up. The board is useless and always has been except most don't understand the filtered information some post is actually very filtered.

      Also note, as evidence of this, you could go back in my original IDs history and find weeks of 'oompa loompa' verses rewritten to address the shorts. Thumbs up all over the place even though it added zero value. That's not all. If you go through my original IDs history you'll find an utter and complete wasteland of digs targeting the shorts. Heck I even wrote a story about how one of them ended up homeless, in a shelter, and his kids wouldn't even come visit. Thumbs up galore!

      So you see, a sane person would realize that you will be liked if you offer zero information that supports their thesis and you will be disliked by the opposing team. You all think this is a sports game and fans are sitting on opposite bleachers screaming insanity at each other.

      Me, I'm more the guy that runs the stats on each team and then sets the odds for the book. Problem is, there will always be one side that dislikes the odds that get set and if I happen to write insane oompa loompa versus for the fun of it, at least one side will like me.

      What to do... what to do... oh my... so Pissy Joe, take this to heart. I really don't care about folks that lash out at me much. But hey man, think about what you are doing when you attack someone else because of your anger towards another. Basically you are coming home from work and yelling at your wife because your boss made you angry.

    • Cripes PissyJoe, I had to read your history to even see what you were talking about.

      Let's get a few things straight, then you can hate me for the right reasons.

      First, I am not Lord Aambros and don't know him except for some interaction last year and then recently. So don't go taking it out on me if you are upset with him or him if you are upset with me.

      Second, I've been accused of being 100 different people by shorts and longs over the last year. I think there is something hard-wired into the personality issues that bring people anonymously to a forum to rant about a stock. Me being the only one with a real name and face, ends up as a target.

      Third, whenever someone disagrees with another on these boards, the other MUST be evil. Again some personality trait that surfaces with anonymous postings.

      Fourth, I have no idea what it is that I am supposed to take 'personal'. Some have accused me of many things regarding my leaving that pumping crew. Is that what you are talking about? Let me clue you in, that decision was made over the course of 3 months with the straw being a string of screaming email from Max because he has anger issues and also is not as smart as most think. Hours upon hours of explaining simple market basics, options, legal matters, etc. always resulting in him directing his anger for not knowing outward. Why would anyone take it personal when they decide to leave a relationship? Note how he immediately attacked me in public and then accused me of attacking him first. Weird.

      BTW, I am still neutral on QCOR and still have my options in place for both ways... so... haters gonna hate I guess. I'm not a cheerleader anymore and folks don't like that.

      I don't even know who you are except for maybe an email or two from you this past year, right? So do you think I would care what you think of me? Only reason I even responded to you is because you attacked Lord Aambros unfairly using your feelings towards me.

      • 1 Reply to willmikeycare
      • Mikey,

        Dude... whatever... you are a trader... albiet with tons of info... I've learned alot by reading your stuff... my style of investing is not predicated on the day to day moves and am very happy with 18 to 62... I do believe however that you do try to influence the "sheep" for personal gain... whether up or down or back again... not that I think that is evil but I do think it is definately tacky... you also have a narcisistic personality that comes out in your posts... for instance the whole "neutral stance" which you so diligently point out 25 times per day... is not IMHO a straddle... you are over weighted in puts... right? as soon as you heard the SEC was involved you figured carnage... loaded the puts maybe around 62 63... am I close?... neutral in wall street lingo means "sell" which is cool for you to have that opinion... but by saying it over and over and over and over again... you are really trying to get the "sheep" to sell... right?

        Even if you are truly neutral and have the same amount of puts and calls (which is like kissing your sister)... can we just stick to facts... you are smart enough not to engage the "sheep" especially if you want them to do what you want them to do... wink.... besides I need a good "research assistant" lol.


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