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  • caffeinsomniac caffeinsomniac Jan 16, 2014 8:29 PM Flag

    WOW 50% of volume today shorting!! Amazing!

    Their plight just went from.VERY bad, worse. They threw everything they had including the kitchen sink at this trying to kill momentum and hold this down today (1,500,000 shares). And we only closed a little off the hod. Shorts really are SCREWED (Short Analytics).

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    • I was long once on QCOR and sold at a profit during the last "short squeeze". Have watched it since then hoping to buy again.

      Sure enought the pullbacks to upper 40's an 50 made me load again. The fundamentals of this this stock are HUGE!

      I do some shorting at times (and goodness knows there are plenty of stocks that are pure junk out there to short) but could NEVER figure out why short QCOR. Anytime the underlying fundamentals are strong I always got killed shorting.

      Based upon Bailey's statements yesterday I feel 60 is the new "bottom" for QCOR and look for major upside in 2014.

      Long and loving it!

    • Wow thats crazy, Thanks for the update Caffe. So that was our 62 resistance

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      • It's not resistance..., it's massive shorting at a number to make people like you think it's resistance and sell. There isn't much resistance until 70+, and even then, with 20M shorts trapped, can blast through that like it's nothing with a good squeeze. I've been studying TA, and it's useful, but in the end, the performance of a company can be connected to pps. It hasn't happened yet with Q, but it will eventually. Considering the RA factor alone, who WOULDN'T want to get on the gravy train before it leaves the station?? Not many reliable stocks you can buy before "it" happens like Q either.

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    • "50% of volume today shorting!!"

      Serious question: How can know or surmise that?

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    • lmao

    • From $62.66 @ 12:30 to $58.64 @ 12:45 and then it was over for the shorts. I sent a congratulatory email to Don Bailey because he banged out a home run today, and hit all the bases on his way to home plate.

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      • Nice one DrDon. Following your lead on the congrats to Mr. B.

        What I've come to understand about this variety of QCOR short seller we've come to know?

        They are masters at selection and stringing together of facts that lead to a completely wrong conclusion--while never precisely lying in the process.
        They work best in predictable circumstances.
        They count on their target company to stay quiet for long periods.
        They rely on an environment where management is consumed with their day job of actually running a company that makes profit, employs people at a good wage, and provides valuable goods and services to patients.
        They sucker punch.
        They shoot in the back.
        They poison the food.
        They make a mockery of institutions like the FDA and FTC.
        They give not a single thought to the trickle down impact of their actions on patients and on the healthcare system.

        And of course, shorts have time and energy to do all this because they contribute nothing, they make nothing, they invent nothing, and they service no one outside their small circle.

        Among many other achievements, Don let the shorts know yesterday that all options are on the table. After years of watching his every move, shorts know as well as longs that he means what he says, and his words are followed by action. ruthless band of ugly, monstrous, conniving, parasite shorts. Ball is in your court. Guessing from experience you have a strategy. This time around, it better be good, real good...or see you at $75-$80 after earnings.

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      • Newbies and the getting back to even crew, 20 million shares must cover. The shorts stand at the precipice of the bottomless abyss. In their ignorance and arrogance some shorted more today, to no avail, and now they are trapped, with all their manipulative efforts, lies and crimes, FRUITLESS. Selling 1 share to these miscreants will rob you of a windfall of epic proportions.

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      • Dr. Don...that is an excellent idea!

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    • This is not logical at all.......Beegz

    • Good to know

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