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  • oogaboogabooga1459 oogaboogabooga1459 Feb 26, 2014 4:07 PM Flag

    Short Interest

    As of Valentines Day 18,387,795 short shares are outstanding...roughly 1.5million shorts covered...just another 18.5million shares to go!

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    • With QCOR's strong EPS, this stock is a take over candidate for sure. I won't sell for less tha $100 a share

    • It will be enough to get Short Interest down below 10M like we did before,
      the rest of them are "permanently" in Short-Funds that can not be cored.

    • I'm surprised this thread didn't get more attention. About 1.87 million covered. Almost same amount covered in the second half of January. They're going to be in covering mode until they can find "bad news." Today was perfect for them. It was green for a second at the open, then boom, they got to cover between $70 and $75. They'll probably keep testing how good the support level here is. If they find it strong, they'll let it run up and make a another bear raid. Any good news that come up...we can then stick a fork in them, shorts. I took full advantage of the attack today! Thank you shorts!

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      • Yes surprised. Since the Citron attack started the shorts that got on board did nothing but lose a ton of money with this stock.

        When I first noticed this stock the price was around $20 and that short position was still growing. Throughout last year the price moved up and they did nothing but cover, cover, cover. But not a core group with around 10 million shares (maybe Citron shares?). Than comes the second attack that had life in it for a while but since mid January that group has had their butts handed to them on a platter with the stock moving up $25+ a share. Still the shorts try and hang in but the edge is gone once again.

        Now I'm betting they are finally realizing that all they are doing is make Don realize that he has to do something or these attacks will continue. That "something" could one day come in the form of an announcement that makes that group wish they never heard of QCOR and Citron.

      • We should all have our forks ready because I believe the good news is imminent, the first tronche of many good news tronches this year. It is understandable to be a little unnerved by yet another bear raid, but the manipulators must waste no time in covering. Questcor is printing money and has plowed through the fog of lies perpetrated by shorts with clear markers of achievement ...even GOldman Sacks, BOA, Fidelity etc see the home stretch to fair valuation which means an exponential increase in the pps.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • You saw the pps rise during that period didn't ya? Accumulation figures also ain't kiddin' ya.