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  • oscoutspa oscoutspa May 20, 2013 9:38 AM Flag

    Too bad.....

    Looks like another yahoo discussion turned useless by posters with severe mental health problems. Too bad that it seems an iron law on here that the crazies will eventually ruin each and every yahoo stock board.

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    • I agree oscoutspa. I put this braz_nippls character on ignore a while ago and this message board is a whole lot cleaner without that nutjob's rants.

    • I agree.

      Some people should not be investing in this kind of stock as the pressure sends them over the edge.

      I don't like puttilng people on ignor and Iike Namib_Braz but he has distrupted the Board and made actually discussion of the stock and situation impossible. So :I probably will put him on ignore.

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      • nmwater... the investment is not what bothers me... it is the other garbage that came with it, the lack of accurate basic info, the hedge funds, and the takeover still not over. You are beginning to sound like a plant on this board, which is another thing the hoodlums were known for doing, to later turn against the one they want to discredit. They eventually get found out. The last time they pulled that on me was about a year and a half ago.

        Go to the MTEX board and read my posts as scams_r_u and you will see why they want to discredit me so much. I post the truth and they can't stand the truth because it harms them and costs them in their fraudulent ways. I withstood the test of time on that board, while the company got nailed and nailed and nailed and they are trying to survive, and they don't want me around. Read my messages there--go back as far as you can, and you'll see I mainly use data from their own SEC filings to pick them apart!

        nwwater, I am beginning to doubt you own 50,000 shares of HRTPY as you have claimed. Why don't you scan one of your Brokerage Statements and blacken-out the personal stuff and show that you have 50,000 shares of HRTPY for at least a month, now. It's your chance to show the board how messed up I am.

        Your posts to date on this board only amounts to a couple of hours of Hoodlums posting... so that is very little effort on their part to plant the poster: newmexicowater. Like they created oilngaz yesterday, and tried to plant ghoastly who posted on the mtex board years ago.

        Be careful HRTPY board, these hoodlums intimately tied to recks deen jeorge (phonetically) the top investigator for the County in which osooro earned his doctorate's degree, and while they are not after you, you may suffer as a consequence of it. I still highly recommend you turn this over to the Texas A.G. and the Dallas County D.A. and let them do their work. Simply copy and paste all the posts since Friday and give it to them.

    • I couldn't agree more, I have a moderate long position in HRP, but this place was a zoo with ranting about hacking, manipulation, criminal activity, and God knows what else along with character assassination and bickering. Hopefully all that BS will stop! However, apparently suggesting the silliness being ignored rather than stoked makes me part of a conspiracy. :)

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