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  • braz_namib braz_namib May 21, 2013 8:18 PM Flag

    Hey, QLtiwatcher... why don't you tell the HRTPY board about how YOU used to...

    be from Canada and you spelled all your words with "ou" like the Commonwealth does, instead of "o" like the Yanks do, i.e., favour instead of favor; colour, instead of color; neighbour instead of neighbor; harbour instead of harbor; parlour instead of parlor; etc.

    YOU did that from when I first met up with you in early 2002 until late 2007 or in 2008 when the Texas AG was nailing Mannatech for Fraud and Deceptive Practices for several governmental Agencies and Codes like the FDA, Texas Health & Safety Code, Texas Food Drug and Cosmetic Act, Texas Deceptive Trade Practice - Consumer Protection Act, etc.... when you kind of disappeared from the board, and then later you posted and said you were all done with posting on the MTEX board.

    When you returned, as I was sure you would, you were your old corrupt, sadistic, hateful self and went after the few remaining posters which were anti-Mannatech--including me. The only change was that you have not used 1 single word spelled with an "OU" as Canadians and all Commonwealth people do to this very day!

    What brought on this change in your spelling? I saw no Injunction by the Texas A.G. which requires ALL M'tech people to spell their words only with "O" and NOT with "OU"!

    Were you Reborn? Did your doc give you bad meds for your clinical psychopathy? Or, do YOU have someone from the States writing YOUR posts for you? Were your Commonwealth years just an act? Or, are YOU trying to act like YOU are a Yank, now? If so, WHY?

    I'd love to hear your explanation, and now, maybe the HRTPY board would like to know why, too!

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    • Hey Braz_Fly why don't you explain to us why your own stories constantly conflict and reveal your lies!
      1:You tell us over and over that a criminal group including law officials have "hacked into your computer" and have used that information to go so far as to phone your relatives. BUT 2: That same criminal group has tried to find out where you live on several occasions! Duhhhhhh! Are you really so stupid you think we don't see the conflicts. I could give you other examples if you'd like, so please quit your lying ways as we can't believe anything you allege because of your own inconsistencies.:)

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