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  • braz_narnib braz_narnib Jul 19, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

    What sort of fool am I!


    50-1 split, gotta love it right, then downhill from there. But it's a lark. However whining and obsessing about it is certainly not out of the question right. Everyone else who doesn't agree is a fool or morally corrupt right?

    Depression is a real curse especially when under stress even if one is being treated.

    What a pain in the assets.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • osooro Jul 19, 2013 11:20 AM Flag

      braz, I wonder if you are talking about yourself when you mention being treated? Funny how your messages have mixed signals. First, I remember you told me not to worry, that this dog had plenty of money left to keep on drilling [maybe more dry holes] and then you spend time talking about the illegality and possible fraud we have going on with this dog. I guess I haven't been following your latest news items, because this 50-1 split is news to me. If you mean a reverse split, then I could see the logic in such a move. The way I read it is 50 shares for every 1 share of HRT. Is this right? If it was a reverse split, wouldn't it be 1 -50, or 1 share for every 50 shares of HRT? I really could care less, because stock splits won't change anything about this stock, and the way I see it, if this thing does hit a winner, then they will have to sell most of the company just to have the resources to keep the creditors away. The market cap of HRT is so low they couldn't support a bird cage manufacturer, and very few mutual funds will buy a stock priced under $5, which would support the logic of a reverse stock split. If by some miracle this HRT has an ace up its sleeve, then it should cure the depression I think every HRT share holder is feeling now. If I had exercised better judgment and had treated this thing as a LARK -your words, then I wouldn't have sunk so much of my money into this loser. Fortunately, I have plenty of other assets to keep me afloat, otherwise, I would be really be depressed holding this dog. If this Lazarus somehow raises from the dead, then I'm going to ask you what church you attend, because I want to join it. Meanwhile, keep on pounding the key boards over this HRT, because you fascinate me with all the work and hours you keep putting into this message board. On the other hand, maybe you might be a descended from John of Patmos, and we need to take heed of all your messages. Maybe I'm the one that's crazy?

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      • 48 cents to fall. That might take some time. At ten posts per half cent of fall that would work out to a thousand more whines from BN.

        No need to check the price, jus the number of NB posts.

      • osooro... you are too stupid to have ever earned a Doctorate in Education and Administration... you must have bought yours at a diploma mill, much like Dr. Nugent at Mannatech bought his 4 or 5 Doctorate Degrees. His last one cost him less than $300 and he got it from the University of Calcutta!

        And quit putting words into my mouth. You are claiming things which I never said. Re-read my posts!

        The following is the Dow Jones news release regarding the stock split. I then confirmed it with Ms. Kinch, the author, and then with my stock brokerage. They both verified the news release was accurate and I would receive the stock split of 50 shares for every share of HRTPY for which I was the recorded owner.

    • braz_naRnib... aka qLtiwatcher... aka qLti_watcher... aka qLt_watcher... aka q1ti_watcher... aka braz_Riamib... aka oilngaz... aka ghoastly... aka texasoil999... aka recoman69... aka marketgurus2010 -- all are aliases of Rex Dean George, Chief Investigator for Paul Johnson, the D.A. of Denton County, TX--or are acting on Rex's behalf. There may be other aliases you are using on this board, and whose comments do not add up.

      All of these aliases of yours YOU have used on THIS board to harass and try to discredit me and to disrupt and disturb the legitimate posters on this board. Why don't you take it to the Mannatech MTEX board where I can slap you around like old times?

      Why do you lurk in the background doing your computer hacking parlor tricks and messing with the Thumb Up and Thumb Down feature on this HRTPY board?

      I have tried to avoid and to ignore you ever since "YOU left the MTEX board for good," as you said 4 or 5 years ago, when the Texas Attorney General was laying down the law for Mannatech and its honchos for its lifelong use of fraud and deception and lying when selling their snake oil products for its MLM pyramid-type scam.

      Yet, you keep following me around to play your dirty little tricks because you are a clinical psychopath who has been seething since we 1st went at it on the MTEX board in 2002; and the venom in you is festering so much, you can't stay away from annoying me and others. Get help... take your meds... try doing something that is beneficial for the public, instead of always pulling your stuff to help the bad guys!

      Why do you think the AG nailed M'tech; the Founder, Sammy Caster; the Medical Director Reg McDaniel, MD; and the sham MannaRelief Ministry, and the Fisher Institute, which McDaniel stole from the owners??? Mannatech is still operating outside the law with stock manipulations and its basically worthless products!

      I've kept a lot of hard evidence over the years which points to you being Rex George! Keep lying, sfb!

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