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  • braz_namib braz_namib Oct 22, 2013 4:06 PM Flag

    Victims, Losers, Underdogs, Wretch, Cellar-Dwellers, Sphincters, Shlemiels, HRTPY Shareholders -- YOU Know Who You Are!

    Imagine an enterprising Entrepreneur making the following offer: If you submit all of your HRTPY shares, along with the proof of purchase and the purchase price you paid for each share, the Entrepreneur will present you with a special Restaurant Credit Card, equivalent to the total of your expenditure in Buying all your shares of HRTPY.

    Not only this, but you could use it at ANY ground-level restaurant in the U.S.--but you must tell the restaurant when you arrive for your meals, that you will be paying for your meals with THAT Credit Card and you must hand it in to them when you get seated. When you leave, they will return your Credit Card with the cost of the meals ordered deducted from the Credit Balance which remains on it.

    You may NOT use it to pay tips, buy beverages, pay for take-out, nor take your meal home in a bowser bag or some form of container or plastic bag you have with you.

    There will be a subscription period of 2-months in which the shares you turn over to the Entrepreneur will be settled into his stock brokerage account, and you will receive your special Credit Card. You can start using your Credit Card--no expiration date, and which is good until used-up--on the first day AFTER this subscription period.

    Your shares are worth 18 cents each, today, and many of you paid more than a dollar for each share, some a lot more. I'd bet almost everyone of you would swap your shares of HRTPY to recoup your original investment--for the Credit Cards to be used-up in buying meals.

    When you go for your first meal, the restaurant seats you at a table out in the alley alongside their garbage dumpster--rain, snow, howling wind, cats, dogs, drunks, smell of garbage--whatever!

    WHAT??? You're going to complain? You just got all your investment back! You're no worse off than where you are now! You've swapped 1 situation with a different one: HRTPY outstanding sh, underlying stk, sponsor, rights, IR, Custodial Bank, etc. YOU know zip; YOU do zip!!!

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    • Hey whining fly projecting your weakness onto others again. Unlike you I lost a few cents a share and sold out near a dollar when the writing appeared clearly on your wailing wall, and I realized it was downhill from there..

      You are a foolish fly that got scammed, so suck it up and get over it, you obsessive little twit. Others have simply manned up to making a bad investment, you as per usual have to lash out at everyone else instead of taking ownership of your obvious stupidity, crybaby.

      Get a life loser.

      QLTI Watcher


      • 1 Reply to oilngaz
      • Hey... the SEETHING PSYCHOPATH is back! Always lurking close-by, while all your venom festers and keeps YOU seething with your drivel!

        And, still lying as always. YOU never owned HRTPY... WHY are you claiming ownership for it right now?

        That's the problem with lying--YOU never remember what you say and your fabrications get all twisted around--just like your brain, and knowledge of right from wrong!

        Tell the board how from April 2002, you were from Canada and all your posts were loaded with Commonwealth words like favour, neighbour, colour, harbour, flavour, defence, theatre; and now, for the past 6 or 7 years, YOU haven't used one of them a single time--stopping cold turkey! Forgot where YOU're from?

        Won't they let YOU spell like that at the Denton County D.A.'s Office? The Sheriff's Dept. neither???

        Also tell the board why YOU deleted all your latest posts on this board and the MTEX board with your aliases braz_riamib (RIAMIB)... braz_narnib (NARNIB)... qltiwatcher... qltwatcher... qlt_watcher... qlti_watcher... q1ti_watcher... ghoastly... wiprof53711... amigomalomex... texasoil999... recoman69... jimjohnston66... aka marketgurus2010. The only one you left were your oilngaz posts here. WHY was that? Or, didn't you have a choice, like maybe Yahoo deleted them for you for continually hacking into their website?

        What happened to your better_days_then and better_days_then2 aliases?

        When will you be done with inflating the MTEX share price? I see it came down 46 cents today. I also saw how quickly it dropped from $35 to $23 a share, too... think that only took 3 days! Has the SEC started to investigate you, yet?

        Didn't see a birthday poem for Rexie pooh this August... what happened?

    • Victims, Losers, Underdogs, Wretch
      How YOU make me want to retch
      People use YOU, steal your money
      While YOU think, YOU are gathering honey
      When the day is over and done
      YOU are NEVER the one who has won
      Whenever YOUR dreams get the blights
      YOU're NEVER the one who fights for YOUR rights
      Whether it's lack of brains or family jewels
      YOU all end up a bunch of fools
      Victims, Losers, Underdogs, Wretch
      Toss you a stick and make you fetch
      Throw YOU a bone and promise the sky
      Is all YOU need to make YOU Buy
      When the vultures pick YOUR pocket
      YOU, want the snapshot in YOUR locket
      Don't do anything, sit on YOUR backside
      Give ALL the con-guys YOUR right to decide
      Here and now, as in the past
      YOU're gonna end up again, dead last
      Victims, Losers, Underdogs, Wretch
      How YOU make me want to retch!

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