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  • oilngaz oilngaz Nov 4, 2013 11:27 AM Flag

    Yippity yappy li'l fly feller rambles on!

    The poor fly didn't even know that Mr. George wasn't with the DA's Dept. a while back, but still thinks, being fruitcake dunce it is, that anyone would listen much less care about his mad ramblings. Get thee to a mental institution fly, if you're not there already. Your treatment for that earlier break down is obviously not working.


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    • Keep spreading your trash and lies, psychopath! YOUR corrupt values will get you institutionalized, sooner or later! Calling Rexie-pooh, "Mr" is proof of your sickness!

      He continually abused people's civil rights on the MTEX board while he was Head of Security at Mannatech, and he's continued in that vein while he was at Verizon, and then while he was at the DA's Office, and he's still involved as the Chief Deputy Sheriff--in good-ol' Denton County, TX.

      YOU find pride in THAT, Sphincter! It's why you keep chasing me to other boards to trash me, since 2000!

      Now, you even lie about owning HRP and HRTPY stock, just to use it as an excuse to be here legitimately to pull your vindictive, sadistic, hateful, and criminal pranks on this board.

      I've had you seething by telling the truth, where I post, since early 2000--and YOU and your POT's won't learn that the venom--festering in your gut--is rotting-out your stomach and giving YOU all that pain and suffering you all endure each time YOU think of me--making you all want to come after me to get even with me!

      I'll be around a while, if for no other reason to keep rubbing your noses in your OWN messes!

      And, for your information, Rexie-pooh still shows up as Chief Investigator at the DA's Office! Just more proof of how far out of touch with reality, that entities can get, when he's been involved with them, i.e., Mannatech, Denton County D.A., and now its Sheriff's Dept. He's got to be really buddy-buddy with Will Travis, to be able to call him a "ssabmud" in the Texas Ranger's Warrant--now before the Grand Jury!

      Someone should get word to Texas Ranger James B. Holland, investigating the corruption, to start scratching deeper around Mannatech and Rexie Pooh, to start seeing how rooted the corruption & violation of civil rights, & other crimes of malfeasance--really goes!

      Hey, twink... why don't YOU call him, and tell him to read my posts here on this board and the MTEX board. It'll lead him to YOUR deleted posts!

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