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  • anitdua anitdua Nov 14, 2012 10:41 AM Flag

    New to JE

    Well, hope you are averaging down it is $8.79 now. Dropped 15% after div

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    • Reverse stock split coming? They just named a new board member. Perhaps he has some ideas that are affecting the price. There's no reason I can see for the pullback. Any thoughts?

    • This smells Obama related.He is speaking at 1:30 and that could be devastating for the market.More so for dividend companies.He seems to be out to destroy any income that investers get..Time will tell but he is very anti business.

    • The stock dropped with a very large block of shares trading right away. This looks to me to be more of one investor selling and frankly almost panic selling at any price. This doesn't seem to be a likely institutional sale since they would not be permitted to do such a trade as such a high percentage of the daily volume. Best guess is that there was a margin call or something like that that elicited a required sale. This occurred a lot in 2008 and is why even stocks that were counter cyclical went down dramatically then. People had to sell something to raise capital. Anyway, just a theory, but it doesn't make sense to me that someone would sell so rapidly and get so crushed along the way voluntarily.

    • bought some yesterday at 8.5 and today at 8.01. even if they lower the dividend by 1/3 it is still a buy. then they will only pay 10%.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Bought in again at $8.90.... this is getting a bit scary.

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      • It could be related to Sandy or the fiscal cliff. I have been checking for Rumors and I have found nothing. Some of the Wind Energy subsidies could be affected by the fiscal cliff. There is more uncertainty with the fiscal cliff and the market is nervous. Energy use has been going down and the company has bought gas that needs to be used. They paid too mcuh for it and if it is not sold profits could turn to a loss. The decline indicates that a divdend cut might be needed. Also, Taxes on dividends could raised. So, a good stock analysis is needed to value the stock, and consider all these negative factors.

        Sentiment: Hold

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