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  • karmakahuna karmakahuna Apr 5, 2013 3:03 PM Flag

    Sold a score at todays highs

    and bought bank stock at daily lows and precious metals,, lets hope n.korea fires a missile,, he he probabely can buy more of this cheaper next week on the runup to exdiv date. this stock is over. jmho

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Still waiting for that whackjob to fire another missile so he has so many UN sanctions against him he becomes toast. That n.korea needs a civil war like syria soon. And dont think for a heartbeat those greedy chinese businessmen will back n.korea this time cause it aint the 1950s. That commie godless punk deserves an a-bomb dropped right on his palace for the famine he has caused in n.korea. Hope i around earth long enough to witness on TV or in person one of these Godless commies getting nuked. Good riddance to bad rubbage Wyatt Earp would say. JMHO

    • Todays little rise coming up on exdiv date of 11th is nothing if you bought this POS at 11.00 share, I will sell rest of my 6.23 shares on 10th or maybe wait till next month to see if this can get above 7 share and stay there. Many of these monthly dividend stocks have margins greater than .30-.40 month in PPS,After this coming exdiv date i envision this stock hitting new or recent 52week lows.Most of the financial platforms now state the reduced div of .84 instead of 1,24. glta

    • Well, that did not work out very well. Better luck next time.

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      • Check out that HGD on the TSE last Friday 12th wiseguy. Think i still made a mistake buying in and selling Friday pm. I can buy more JE and flip it later cause JE just might set a new 52Week low this coming week. Buy PME on the TSE for a 22% return wiseguy. Isnt it nice of me to give you those stock advice for free. Just buy PME and HGD monday is all u got to remember. Allways prefered Mars bars over Snickers myself. Like those snickers TV commercials as they remind me of some accholes i USED to work for. Now i am retired and they are still working. Must be karma.Short tempered accholes who cant network with others usually end up old bitter curmudgeons in nursing homes telling lies to whoever will listen . And usually that person is the one changing their bedpan or depends. Good luck if u take my stock advice but as for holding just {JE} longterm dont be surprised the company does to the new buyers at 6.00 share the same as they did to the last buyers at 11.00 share. This is an Enron copy rip-off outfit. Just wait and see. Smarter to buy CRF or ARR.ha ha

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Just like i told my spouse tjis is a lonely job where people on the internet are NOT your friends and try to steer u wrong isnt that correct #$%$ cause misery loves company\|? ,,i bought acchole and it went up 1.44 snare, Soo long sucker, no reason to brag to ananymous accholers like you is THERE. ? u a bug off

      • You really are serious JE company pumper,, You really believeve that bank stock will not recover from the recent lows i bought at before its run-up to pre-ex div date highs on thne 23 Apr? You are a JE co pu,mper for sure,,OH and i still got more shares bought at 6.23 so dont despair co shrill. Whats your job with JE? running a bunch of telemarketers to bother people like my mom ?// AS IF I DIDNT ALLRTEADY KNOW ALL ABOUT YOUR COMPANY ENRON COPY

    • Cramer says "cash out" over the weekend on CNBC because of a "job survey?" who gives a hoot cause we all knew there was high un-employment allready or does Cramer not know anyone making under 50k a year? DUH what else is new ,, also bought more VXX and UVXY.. ZIV is also a temptation with more GG

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