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  • tonymason2000 tonymason2000 May 24, 2011 5:39 PM Flag

    I'm just wondering

    if there is any possibility that DE or CAT having an eye on AGCO as a take over target?

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    • This is just my opinion here, but I don't see why DE would want any of it. For example, DE just announced a deal with Kuhn to buy their big big baler and paint it green and yellow. That deal is for the most part in Europe, but it applies in one form or another world wide. Deere pretty much has a wide range of products to fit their needs. Yes, they don't carry some things but those items are really speciality market items and it doesn't seems to be Deere's mo to stay with a money pit. The question that has to be asked is why would DE want Agco? Look at it on the grand scale of things. Then with Cat, same question. Cat tried the agriculture game, it didn't work for them. They have a real good scam going right now with AGCO, no risk in that they only buy what they need and run it year to year. They do a lt better over in construction, a lot more big money there. Agriculture is too much of a penny annie type game for them. Besides they have a lot of things going that will make them better returns. So I really doubt it on any chance of take over in any way. Now, Agco is and would take advantage of at least parts of this upcoming Fiat Industrial sell down, of which CNH is part of. If anything is to be taking place I would look over there with Agco wanting a piece here and there, DE would be a long shot of any of it, Cat, don't hold your breath, you will pass out. Some of the far east boys, China, etc., might go for the bigger share and Russia is already in the game with Fiat, so they will have first pickings. So look to Russia first and China second, forget the local boys for the mos part, all they will want of anyone is a piece here and there.

    • Don't think so. To much duplication. AGCO will be just fine on it's own.

    • maybe.

      Today UBS upgrading the stock to Buy.
      They mention a positive dealer survey as a reason.
      Fundamentally its a very sound company with a clean balance sheet and a low valuation.

      M&A is always a possibility these days.

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