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  • oedd1159 oedd1159 Apr 10, 2014 12:21 PM Flag

    my take of the current situation

    Since i neither you have heard any news of the buyback compromise by agu to current stockholders and management (Mrs.Malinka XXX) has not bought anymore shares , I conclude that they are expecting the PS to go lower.


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    • As our economies start to shrink or stall, our Western governments that were founded on capitalism (free enterprise) became something else in 2009. Our governments started bailing out the biggest of businesses in order to keep the curtain from falling. Not to mention the Airlines years prior to 2008. They took over GM, AIG, Fanny Mae and Freddy Mack to keep the lie propped up. I worked for AGCO, a Fortune 500, which was the recipient of money from the TARP bailout. Through there European banking partner Rabobank.

      Here is the link naming Rabobank as a recipient:

      Here is a link showing Rabobank entered into partner ship with AGCO to be their financing company.

      That same year AGCO laid-off half the North American sales force due to the economy and restructuring. This happened after they received the money from TARP. So, they received money from the government, millions and still laid people off. (The news only reported it was 150 from one plant, they didn’t mention anything about the salesmen that were laid off.) In August of the same year, 2009, they were awarded a 5Mil grant from the Department of Energy.

      Then on September they were fined by the SEC for selling farm equipment in violation of the Iraqi oil for food program and received kickbacks. The SEC fine was…wait for it, $5Mil or just over.

      It gets even more #$%$ up! Then in October they were awarded by a top economic magazine for best overall governance, compliance and ethics. #$%$?

      There was also this article I find a little odd. Another loan, this time from the USDA for $700K, over 10 years no interest being charged.$740,000-USDA-Loan.php

      When the American economy fails they already have a new head office in Europe:

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