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  • thebookstar1 thebookstar1 Jun 27, 2009 6:01 AM Flag

    eBayer FINDS RARE/VALUABLE ERROR-TYPE $1 GOLD COIN in ebay purchase

    This is really quite remarkable:

    eBayer FINDS RARE/VALUABLE ERROR-TYPE $1 GOLD COIN in ebay purchase :

    27-Jun-09 12:56 am
    eBayer finds a valuable error coin in last week's ebay purchase...more errors coins of the same kind from same seller found last year in April 2008.

    Take a look for yourself at feedback when searching eBay for eBay Item number: 180371864288 (one of four current auctions from same seller). Look at feedback area for this seller. Report of rare error find is noted in feedback.

    It's a true story...confirmed it today.
    Some guy found a valuable error coin in ebay purcase of coin roll... 19-Jun-09 02:12 pm
    re: interesting article a few days ago about ebayer finding a coin worth hundreds in a $50.00 roll of dollar coins & the seller is still up there selling more of these rolls...thought other collectors may be interested.

    ——Did any of you read about this story a few days ago? I just looked for myself and sure enough, the coin worth hundreds of dollars according to PCGS value guide, was found in an old role of coins that the ebay seller (johnlj4) was, and still is, selling from a box of coins he bought from the bank back in 2007. He is selling more of these same old coin rolls right now (last week he's selling them) for just a few dollars over cost, so I'm going to bid on a couple of them since the rolls themselves are worth over $50 as per PCGS value guide... eBay Item number: 180371864288 closes on Sunday, June 28 at 6pm. Total of 4 rolls up for auction and these will be the last he's selling this summer.

    If anyone else is interested you can find the ebay auction by going onto ebay's website and searching for Item number: 180371864288 , which is the item number for one of the coin rolls. There's enough to go around for all to bid. The seller is selling 4 rolls and he sold 4 last week. Seller is from La Jolla, CA so probably some well-to-do grandpa is parting with his collection just to pick up some extra pocket change to get a new yacht, lol. Have a good day all you coin collectors and eBayers : )

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