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  • hannibal7878 hannibal7878 Jan 14, 2008 2:52 PM Flag

    IF we can get back over 22.50 today

    we may close up over $23..i doubt it but if some more news pushes the overall mkt we may.

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    • Hannibal, no disrespect, but I just don't buy the proposition that "they" (whoever that is) are holding this stock's price down. The stock price is a product of market forces. If you exclude the big settlement from Q2 of 2006, this stock has averaged about $60.5 million in revs over the last 6 quarters. EPS has fluctuated. The stock has been carrying an above-average P/E for quite a while (due to the high expectations most of us still have). However, when a long time passes without anything to suggest that said expectations will be realized soon, the price plummets. Ergo the strong negative bias. Ergo the short-lived "pops" we get on positive news.

      Until IDCC can establish solid, repeatable income from licenses, the stock price will continue to be unstable and will continue to maintain its negative bias. If IDCC ever gets such earnings, "they" won't be able to hold the price down (even if "they" existed).

      Just my 2 shares' worth.

    • ran...i suggest you look furthur out on this one because once we get the thieves signed its straight up.

    • Just have patience, as this stock is closer to blast off than it has ever been. You have the arbitrators stating Samsung owes, you have the English court saying IDCC has ESSENTIAL PATENT and Nokia apparently acknowledging other ESSENTIAL PATENTS. You have Apple, Rimm, Giant, LG all saying IDCC has ESSENTIAL PATENTS, as they didn't just walk over to King of Prussia and knock on IDCC'S door and say we sure would like to license with you, and know we will take your word on your patents being ESSENTIAL.

      I somehow feel they had patent attorneys look at ever patent with a fine tooth comb and decided guess what fellows we need to license our product as we are infringing.

      So if these companies are credible then I feel certain that will be paying and maybe sooner than what they had anticipated, since the stay was denied for Nokia.

    • hannibal-thanks for reinforcing my point-aside from the hedge fund theory (speculation), everything you mentioned is very good news. People should be piling on this stock-a short squeeze would take care of any hedge funds-we've had enough volume in the past to knock the socks off any short position. If nothing else, the low price we're seeing now should attract potential buyers-more good news. Don't get me wrong-I'm not going anywhere and I'm both young and patient-I'm just perplexed that we're not enjoying a very healthy rally right now. I shouldn't feel like I'm gambling with my money on a company with the caliber of IDCC-all dd points to a 10-bagger.

    • Let's see if we can hold onto this level to a certain degree, instead of sliding back like we always seem to.

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