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  • krush_17 krush_17 Aug 14, 2009 5:02 PM Flag

    Hating the silent treatment

    Is there anybody covering this event? This suspense is really killing me and I'm not going to be able to enjoy my weekend! Someone had mentioned earlier that Nokia could just buy out IDCC instead of agreeing to pay the fees. I had also read an article where one of the guys from the Fast Trade show on Cnbc believes that IDCC could be bought out by someone real soon. So I went out and bought a bunch of call options and now the stock is down. Does anybody agree with this scenario? I believe that if the big guys believed it the stock would be way up. All kinds of things are running through my mind. I hate the silent treatment!

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    • well... first u shouldn't act on it because some guys on TV talked about it. Many times I found they don't know much about the co., especially option guys.. they just look at the vol and transaction. many transactions could be for totally different reason, e.g. hedging shrt position, buy-write, etc.

      IDCC is a good co. i have been looking and missed a big part of the move. nonetheless, i just add a little more today (missed the 27-28 range) with some put spread.. my guess is this co still can ride this mobile internet era for a while.. also with some cash in hand. it's a very decent company. if they win NOK case, 35 is the next target, if not we'll see 25..

      btw, i would normally take the kind of drop in the AM as a bad sign, but since it bounced of the 27.xx support on the spot, it is very encouraging.

    • It is much like telling the woman of your dreams that you love her for the first time and then sweating through the ensuing silence.

      Ok. Maybe not. LOL

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