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  • idcc2008 idcc2008 Jun 5, 2010 7:13 PM Flag

    How many here think IDCC will make it to $40 this year? I do!

    Not even counting the cash on the books, 15x forward known earnings makes IDCC a $36-$40 stock. The market will normalize again and IDCC will achieve over $40/share.

    IDCC is trading with the market at this time when many good companies are getting very little respect. Unfortunately, many who claim to be long IDCC continue to tell us why it just isn't worth these kind of numbers.

    Why then are they invested in this company?

    You all know the truthful answers to that question, don't you?


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    • Yep add the cash and you easily have a justification for a $50.00 stock.

      What will it take to get there is the question?

      MO - Less uncertaintity in the overall market and with this stock.

      The overall market, we need strong leadership in Washington. BO has to GO.

      Lets call it BOGO.

      The stock any number of catalysts that will remove some doubt.

      IMO there shouldn't be much but that is just me.

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      • Well said. It is funny to see all of these so called longs bashing the stock and company. How stupid must they be to bash their own investment (The obvious answer is that they are not long. Why would you stay invested in a stock that you see no upside without a dividend?)

        I appreciate any who are here that tell it like it is and represent accurately their true intentions. Many here that claim to tell the truth are not doing so.

        I am long this stock. I think Interdigital's patent portfolio is one of the best out there. I believe that the company needs new talent in house to help create investor interest and market awareness. The BOD also needs additional new blood with a focus on its shareholders.

        I think that IDCC is significantly undervalued in part because of what I stated above.

        IDCC will probably prove to be a good short term play, but is definitely a great long term investment.


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