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  • coinworks coinworks Jun 8, 2010 9:23 AM Flag

    Should Interdigital recruit new IR and PR professionals?

    In keeping with a previous discussion, I'm putting the question out there.

    It is time that we shareholders start asking the tough questions of the company and demand that they address some of their staffing weaknesses.

    I would like to hear thoughts on this matter. I will be sending additional letters to the BOD soon.

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    • IDCC PR/IR...what's that??? Oh, you mean that nice lady that reads the legal disclaimers at the beginning of every conference call.

      Clearly the company has transitioned well beyond the abilities of the current PR/IR staff. Nice people, but just don't have the experience. I expect the see new COB begin to make the (long delayed) tough decisions that are needed to take this company to the next plateau.

      Hang in there it will happen...just hope I'm still around to see it.

    • I agree that they could add new talent that knows how to talk to Wall Street and who also knows how to get a few new analysts covering our oversold and abused investment. IMHO

    • You can't change anything, I recommend you sell all your shares and find a company that is managed better to your liking.


    • Good for you, Coinworks. I guess you already know my views on this topic.

      The hiring of a professional executive to promote InterDigital to the investment community would do more to boost IDCC's stock price than winning a patent lawsuit. We've got a phenomenal patent portfolio and great earnings and financial strength, but none of that can help the stock price if the investment community doesn't know about IDCC, and sadly it doesn't.

      A strong buy recommendation from a major brokerage firm would do more for our stock price than would winning our appeal against Nokia in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Maybe it shouldn't, but that's the reality.

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