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  • xraythrives xraythrives Jul 16, 2010 12:04 AM Flag

    Obama did what Bush was afraid to do*

    Liberal Dems will be very sorry they set everything up to be administer by political appointee and czars when the next administration takes power.

    • I have always voted democrat because I am so averse to the religious conservative right and the right's hawkish tendencies. But both parties delve into realms they don't belong in. What are politicians and their frat buddies whom they appoint really experts in. Why are they politicians after all? 80% of the time I would say it is for the money they stand to get after they leave. No matter these days they need finanacial backing to have a chance, DEM or GOP and they all wind up beholden to the enterprises that helped fund their elections. The choices are never very good anymore - big heads and big egos are attracted to politics - and the people who get in power generally are the ones who shouldn't have it and don't even know what to do with it. We should go back to our first offical motto which was, in 1787, "Mind your business". Stop all interventionist international meddling and worry about our problems at home. Stop wasting time who who can marry who. It is a symptom of our times that Congress spent ten times more money investigating Clinton and his Monica Lewinsky affair, than they did investigating the infamous 9/11 2001. There is a simple solution to the jobs - because I have witnessed its evolution since the late 90's. Managers and companies are dirvine by monitary concerns. That is why most of our jobs were lost to the lucrative phenomena of offshoring. It has become a black hole for America's wealth and a big channel for greed - the biggest benefit is to those running sweat shops which would be illegal here. Long term our companies are shooting themselves in their short sighted feet. We need to heavily penalize those who buy from offshore sweat shops. We need to provide strong ongoing incentives for hiring at home. Sometimes the rationality for offshoring is assinine. I managed 10 people in Bangalore at my last job - they cost 1/5 by the hour - but take 10 times as long on any complicated prject than it would at home, and it is lower quality work. So it actually cost more to offshore in most cases. The money goes to India, and they spend it there, not here, and do not pay US taxes, and it cost several jobs here, which means fewer paying income tax. Forget right and left, the religious agendas, Dems GOPs, special interests, we need someone who actually wants to represent the interests of all the people of America, and is not in it for the money. That said, this is a pipe dream that will never happen.

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