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  • lookingforoppty lookingforoppty Sep 26, 2010 9:45 PM Flag

    x-ray joins the name calling club

    like so many of his donkey friends.

    one of those that cant think for hisself

    one of those who is blinded by his love for

    and one of those that has to result to name calling to get his point across.

    youre among good company, pal

    you and the 6 other people who enjoy their lovefest and worship of a company that is 50% hype, and 50% failure.

    would you have a life if you didnt sit there and defend everything this company does ?

    did you defend idcc when they were selling REG S shares at huge discounts in europe ?

    did you defend idcc when golberg was saying "people are beginning to realize the value of idcc" when idcc went from 7 to 82, and mangement was selling ?

    did you defend idcc when they said at this years ASM that idcc has deep relationships with ericsson and nokia, despite that we havnet gotten a dime from ericsson in 4 years, and that nokia beat us up in great britain ?

    open your eyes, for crying out loud

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