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  • jeffreeK jeffreeK Feb 8, 2011 3:23 PM Flag

    NEVER fall in love...

    with a Short position...

    Its like leaving everything you own...(throwing it All away)...

    to a horrible, nasty witch...

    You die...and she gets it all...

    "I musta picked a Bad time to be in love"...



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    • " ("fenomenon") indicate anything about your intellect"
      If this is the yardstick you use to measure people is there anybody out there with whom you can have "inteligent" conversation at all?
      Misconception you have is that there is close corelation between intellect and making money/consistent/ in stocks.You seem to have another major problem shared with most investors who concentrate all their attention on making money instead learning the market "mechanics" and collecting profits as confirmation.You olso have something that is absent within succesfull investor community called arrogance.
      But I do appreciate every opportunity to learn how imperfect human being I am.

    • LOL, I think everybody should be taking advice from you. Does your ability to spell ("fenomenon") indicate anything about your intellect?

    • While speculating about future of our investments sometimes we tend to forget that what we see is just image of pure imagination based on our mental state at the time.
      Speculation detached from facts is bad for your financial health.Pure speculation fogs your eyes and ears and you miss important signs.
      Wireless revolution is not brand new fenomenon,started more than decade ago and has been part of semiconductor cycle ever since.It's hard to arque with you vision of IDCC having major role in wireless technology growth but it doesn't automatically translate in to pps appreciation.
      It will have to have been much more than semiconductor sympathy rally I speculated about before recent run.Only time will tell.
      My bet on smart phone sector ongoing revolution is VG not VZ

    • Dude, I think you don't know what you are shorting....but I appreciate your conviction and lack of knowledge because people like you will ultimately make me more money.

    • Those comparisons do not have what they would need to be relevant. That being exponential growth in wireless communications.

      I am a firm believer in using and learning from history. It is much more useful for social and geopolitical references than for business cycles but it still has its uses in Business.

      If you can find a way to take those historic charts and factor in the variable of exponential growth in wireless communications, IDCC's expanding licensee and patent base, which was not present in "the past" and I will give it due consideration.

      Historic charts might also show VZ has been a better investement than IDCC. However, 10 years from now those charts will show something markedly different.

    • Jeff!
      Hate to be your forgoten concience but I know you will appreciate my contrarian point of view eventually.
      First of all shorts are and have been your best friends for some time.
      Second thing: as impressive as this rally has been so far it is far less impressive if you throw other semiconductors in to the mix/relative performance/.There is no doubt in my mind we are in middle of so called semiconductor growth cycle, first one since 1998-2000."Semicycles" bull rallies are extremly powerfull and you can expect IDCC to follow the leaders.Mistake you and other longs are making is to associate what's happening with secular rally based on fundamentals.How many semiconductors can grow revenues/profits 30-50% for long periods of time.You think IDCC is an exception?
      Enjoy rally and start thinking of exit strategy,because nothing lasts forever.

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