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  • nbsp87 nbsp87 Jul 25, 2011 12:18 AM Flag

    A buyout is what we all feared

    We are so close to the appeals court overturning the NOK decision. That would trigger a domino effect - Sony Ericy, MOT, and all the others would license in rapid succession. If this company stayed independent, the stock price could be $300-500, or even higher, within a year or so.

    But now the board wants to sell us out?! When a company as massive as GOOG or AAPL buys you out, you aren't going to get the same kind of exponential growth that you would get if you continued to operate as an independent company.

    This is what we always feared, that we'd get stunted by a buyout. We could become as big as QCOM, but not if we get bought out.

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    • Come on. The fundamentals on this company have been the same for five years and yet management hasn't been able to license Nokia, MOT or even re-license LG.

      Thank God for Chairman Clontz who is capable of seeing the forest for the trees, and is enough of a strategic thinker to recognize that Google's patent vulnerability presents IDCC with a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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      • There's something to be said for that. People work hard to grow a company and make it worth something but there are times when it is right to take the money and retire to an island in the sun with bikini clad women serving you drinks all day. I've seen plenty of folks work themselves to death at a company only to see it falter. IDCC won't falter, but patent IP is worth more today than it ever has been in the past. Take the money and retire.

    • Your sh**ting me, right? We are about to get a 2X or 3X or 6X valuation based on an asset play that is hot right now only because of Nokia's astronomical valuation and you want to stay an independent company because you think IDCC will be worth more than 5-10 BILLION DOLLARS AS A F*king licensing company? Get a grip, you fool.

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