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  • nbsp87 nbsp87 Jul 25, 2011 11:51 AM Flag

    A buyout is what we all feared

    Nokia? I think you mean Nortel. That 4.5B valuation for their patents isn't a fluke. We are worth well more than 10 billion. But the best way to maximize out patents' value is to stay independent. If we sell out, then we limit our upside severely.

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    • Yes I meant Nortel, sorry. And we very well might be worth $10 billion but I don't think in earnings power. I will be very happy if this company can get upwards of $6 billion right now. Who knows, they might even negotiate a $10 billion deal. The way I look at this is this: you can either try to triple your money over the next several years (maybe - the technology landscape is always changing and who knows who might build a better mousetrap aka a new patented technology) or you can take all your money now.

      I'll take now.

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      • Me, too, Faosto! We have seen this stock rise slowly and then crash multiple times over the past five or six times.

        This company has developed a great patent portfolio, but has a very questionable business model. This is a GREAT time to cash out and monetize its potential.

        And, if the deal turns out to be stock for stock, we wouldn't even have to pay capital gains. Long-term, I'd be thrilled to be holding Google or Apple stock as distinguished from a little high-tech company that no one has ever heard of.

    • That is probably the best debate on this over-ran board as of late. I just can't say which would be best. This mgmt has had plenty of time to bring value to this company. I just can't say which is best. But in this market I will take any nice short term pop I can get.

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