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  • desonim desonim Aug 6, 2011 11:31 AM Flag

    monday will be bad

    perfect storm becoming reality?

    -US in shambles, housing, unemployment, downgrade, spending freeze
    -EU at point of no return
    -china's other shoe about to drop

    you need some cash now and be ready

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    • Not convinced. Nobody can predict it. Everyone said the markets would collapse if no debt deal. Then we get a deal and they collapse anyhow. If the markets had been up 700 points in the last week I might agree. But I think we just had most of our reaction to what the smart money saw as inevitable.

      PS: if you mean a spending freeze from the consumer=bad
      Spending freeze by the government=good

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      • I think it will be much worse than 2008 myself. back then it was the financials being insolvent now it is the sovereigns being insolvent. This will be as bad as it gets in my opinion. maybe not on monday or next week but soon enough. You can kick the can down the road all you want but what if you run out of road and you have no money/credit to build more road?

      • IN TIMES like these the Consumer is NOT spending...that is when the government NEEDS to spend...for job creation..unfortunately..OBAMA never did it...there was no plan for job creation...any stimulus vanished...that's probably why his economists left the White House...because Obama just wanted to listen to his "Havard" Larry Summers..and that creep TIMMY GEITHNER....Obama blew it totally....Of crouse to Obamas major campaign contributor...Goldman Sachs...he did a fine job...

      • The debt deal caused the markets to go dowm because we already knew that the S&P downgrade would happen as a result.

        The downgrade is no surprise. We will have a few last minute sellers at the open, but we may end up neutral to up by the middle to end of the week.

        Most of the downgrade is already built in or so I believe.


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