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  • xraythrives xraythrives Aug 7, 2011 6:58 PM Flag

    8000 patents, 10,000 more applications, 1/2 Billion in Cash.

    People make the mistake of using revenue and tax increases interchangeably. Best way to raise revenues is to create growth. Second best would be to simplify the tax code and eliminate the 1000's of special interest loopholes. You will find tea party and conservatives very much on board for that.

    raising any tax rate during a recession is out of the question and even dumbo said so when he extended the bush tax cuts.

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    • dumbo is bought and paid for...all his actions indicate he's right wing in disguise. Not many realize just how much those Bush tax cuts are costing...
      it is amazing. The excuse is always given that small business will be hurt if the Bush tax cuts for the wealth are ended...if that's the case...then an easy remedy would be to change the tax small business taxation is not considered "personal income tax"...but rather.."small business tax"...then the "ultra rich" will have to prove that their income is related to creating business.
      And I may add...the HEdge Fund Managers that get paid in the hundreds of Millions...are taxed at 14%...even though they are not investing their money but how did that

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