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  • scottcreegar scottcreegar Aug 15, 2011 2:38 PM Flag

    $61.74 - that's the boogie

    second failure at a rally attempt stalled exactly where they stalled it at 10:30 - the dead cat bounce

    longs just can't get it up - in every sense of the expression

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    • Boogie? Wasn't he an actor from the 30's? I think you'd better cover, and fast....

    • Hahahahaha! Since when did 4500 shares constitute "a block?" You must be a real lightweight. Btw, do you need to cover before the close? Shame, 'cause I hear that exit is going to be very very crowded.

      p.s. your posts are childlike and annoying.

    • Scotty, Scotty ever the fool!

      IDCC is going up into the last hour!

      How could this be, with all the guarantees of lower prices you offered earlier today.


      IMHO - tomcat

    • I don't get why you would short this stock protective puts yes but short, that is plain crazy..what to makes a few points on the downside if it goes from 60 to low 50s..when if a bid comes in you lose 40...the risk reward is not worth it here..maybe at 80 it was but not at 60.

    • out of steam yet again

      get short here $61 - cover at the close for some fat profits

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      • Jim Malackowski, founder of Ocean Tomo, on CNBC just now said the following:

        "The focus is now doubled. The focus is now not only on the patents that companies own ...also the cross-licensing arrangements in place...

        We look at it as a 3-legged stool. You need to have the handsets, you need to have the operating system, and you need to have the wireless protocol. The deal today was a focus on handsets and operating systems. The wireless protocol was a deal focus of the Nortel portfolio a few weeks ago. So look to see who fills in that third piece of the puzzle for either Google or others in the market...

        InterDigital is a company that we have been talking about with our clients for some time because we believe that their wireless protocols are very strong... Most people don't have the three-dimensional perspective... they are looking at the operating system and the handset and they are not focused on the fact that the wireless protocol is a critical piece of the puzzle. We think it (IDCC) is still an important asset...

        I don't think today's action was the end of the story... We're a big believer in the InterDigital Portfolio."

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