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  • faosto faosto Aug 17, 2011 11:51 PM Flag

    I think GOOG will bid on IDCC

    Not to buy them, but to jack the price up for whomever does get it. I expect a 3.5-4 billion bid from GOOG.

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    • Your bid amount is a given. I think the bids will start at $5-6B.

      More than Nortel plus cash and an ongoing business with its people.

      IMO GOOGLE will stay in the bidding at least up to $10B.

      Internally IDCC values the business at $8-10B. You can easily pick this up from their CC's when they start talking about the NPV of additional revenue from licenses.

      A well managed bidding process will drive the value higher.

      On thing for sure in 4-6 weeks we will stop speculating and have the answer.

      Hold on to your shares tightly because the manipulators through bogus rumors are going to try hard to steal them from you.

      There will be blood!!! LOL

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