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  • appleonians appleonians Sep 26, 2011 4:01 PM Flag

    Arent "first bids" VERY low on buy outs??

    Isn't that the common a company won't wind up paying more than the worth?? Isn't that what happened to NORTEL???

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    • SEC rules dictate that they have to keep quiet. They cannot say much of anything legally.

    • Bad info came out of dealpartners. These preliminary first round bids for the company they are too low. The company is being valued 6 billion or more as Hannibal indicates. These are preliminary bids and I think like in poker no one puts all their chips on the table in the first round? Don't draw conclusions based on preliminary data poorly communicated. That said, I still wish the company would give some assurance to us longs, the company owners, that things aren't as derelict and gloomy as Dealpartners statement (which knocked the company's value down by half a billlion) indicates. Stand up and fight for us and stop running home like a baby crying and saying nothing. Tell us they don't have the entire picture and the statement is misleading in the context presented,,,at the very least say something. Perception is everything and now is the time to take your first step toward managing public perception. Please say something. Not time to hide like nothing happened.

    • Yes, first bids are always very low - at least at the many normal and non-billion dollar auctions I've been to. The first bid is always way below what the auctioneer initially calls out, and then the winning bid would get much higher, and sometimes even higher than the initial price. A good analogy is on that other message where someone said that it's now like you've listed a car on eBay, and the first bid (of $1, wasn't it?) is in. You can be sure that, for something worth so much more than $1, there will be many more bids to follow.

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