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  • xraythrives xraythrives Oct 4, 2011 8:35 PM Flag

    Why longs about to get plastered

    That is one of the advantages to understanding just what is at stake in this IP war. The amount of money being spent to litigate and defend said patents, the relevance and value of the 4G and the M2M to LTE of the mobile comm sector, and the growth that is going to be in this industry moving forward.

    There are billions of people in 3d world countries that are going to have a cellphone before they have a flush toilet in their hut. And IDCC tech is in every single one of said cellphones.

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    • How appropriate you mention toilet flushing because that's exactly what IDCC longs have done with their money losing a unbelievable 40% from the high even after today's gains. Its still too high..with earnings down from 2010 and a PE north of 20 this is due for a further correction once this buyout is officially off the table. Carry on flushing the toilet in the mean time...

    • Ok, this is gross, but it sounds as if you get aroused by your mobile phone.

      For the record, I had a Motorola portable phone the size of a small brief case starting in 1987 (all traders had them) back when they were still referred to (by civilians) as "car phones." I've had the same 917 number ever since. Today, I use an iPhone, but I barely ever use any of its features and can't imagine why anyone would. You guys realy need to have sex more often. Wireless devices are just...wireless devices. They're not a cure for cancer...come to think of it they probably cause some cancers..or so I am told.

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      • My Droid phone has made me lots and lots of money. I get alerts when stocks that I watch are moving and if I am not at a computer I still know a move is on and it lets me know I should possibly take action. I thought the NFLX crash was over after the first week but I was wrong. My phone alerted me of the second drop. I bought puts and made a killing. My best purchase of options this year and that is saying something. I was out a little over a day later when my phone alerted me things were turning and it was time to get out.

    • Forget about the money to litigate, that means nothing. It is the time. Time =money^2. The cost of laywers is nothing to lost opportunity costs. One does not spend time working on new products in an area that they know is going to be dragged out in the courts for years. That is just plain bad business. My friend in our medical division just had his project canceled because other companies are sueing each other. The powers that be decided they did not want to get into that mess that could drag out for years so they scrapped a potentially big product line last week because they feared how long the battles in that area could drag out. Their product was new and novel, but for sure some of the existing players would be sure to take legal pot shots and that could drag out too long. So they ditched the program.

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