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  • dc1081 dc1081 Oct 6, 2011 11:14 PM Flag

    Jeffereies on Interdigital

    I've posted this report before, but at this point the moral is stating to get low, and the big question is whether or not IDCC will get bought out for a decent price?

    Let's look at Jefferies report about Apple, would they really make a big deal about IDCC and how it would be of great value to Apple if IDCC really didn't have a patent portfolio that was that great? No, because Apple is a very big company and popular stock, and many mutual funds/pension funds invest in Apple, so I doubt Jefferies would hype IDCC up if they didn't see how it could benefit Apple...I think Apple and QCOM win the auction...any thoughts?

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    • NOR would Dan Niles put his buy of IDCC up on CNBC for all to see.

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      • China could be a big player in this auction, via Huawei...I think we are all forgetting how big Huawei is, member Samsung is South all the major players in this space are mostly North American and European, and South Korea is a westernized country...

        so I think Huawei(CHINA) will try get a piece of, especially since China is known for their copyright infringement, I'm sure they would love to get a hold of the technology IDCC has so they can compete better LEGALLY in developed markets like North America and Europe...

        Huawei could be the LARGE ASIAN BUYER :) and I'm sure they wouldn't have a problem throwing around cash as the communist Chinese gov't would back them well :)

    • It flies in the face of reason to think IDCC could sell for less than Nortel. However I do not think it will go for as much as MMI. I think that was an anomaly caused by an overeager and ill advised Google.

      But the bottom line is, and this has to be considered by all the longs and shorts alike, EVERY authoritative article written on the quality and relevance of the IP puts IDCC AHEAD of Nortel and MMI.

      Sleep with that little fact shorty.

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      • "However I do not think it will go for as much as MMI. I think that was an anomaly caused by an overeager and ill advised Google."

        You are forgetting that in the MMI deal, Google got a 13 Billion dollar revenue stream that is projected to have a 3% profit of 415 million in 2012. With some tinkering on expenses Google can probably get that up to 6-7% pretty quick. That alone is a better return than their $12 billion in cash purchase price was currently getting. And they get all of the MMI patents for free.

      • MMI sold for the same as Nortel...$750,000 per patent...take that by 17,000 and you get $12.5...IDCC is looking for $6.5 billion or more.

        "sleep with that little fact shorty." First of all I'm not short, and second of all I haven't been sleeping much being an engineer major and invested a huge chuck of my assets into IDCC options...I will be celebrating when the deal happens and spend the money on things that I should have bought in the last couple years when I had a big bank roll, but I was being greedy and fell in love with some stocks that owned that were making me losts of money (that are way over sold at this point).

        That's why Lind pisses me off...he's undermining my hopes and dreams lol

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