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  • downstock downstock Oct 10, 2011 11:31 AM Flag

    The real people you should ignore

    are the pumpers and bashers too without any substance. However, I have to say that on this board probably its probably 80/20 useless pumpers to bashers. And the ones that can cost you money if you listen or let them influence you are the pumpers.

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    • Downstock,
      That was a totally useless bash comment.
      PS I find little use in most of the bash posts "buy puts" "this is a POS" "My name is downstock, what does that tell you?" etc...

      I have explained my position. Company is worth about 7 billion based on the latest and best information and I can buy on the market for a fraction of that. Easy money there for the taking! If no deal then I expect a hostile bid. The only negative argument I understand is 'the market is stupid and IDCC can still go down with the market", but don't short overnight because there could be an announcement (which with IDCC is bound to happen after the close). The only risk with that is the unlimited upside, IDCC might go up as anticipation increases, if there is a positive news leak, Sometimes news does leak. Recently with PANL the stock jumped like $10 the day before their revised contract with Samsung was announced! Coincidence?

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      • Jack how do you not think your projection of $7B is not unrealistic when stock is suggesting $2B even with some buyout speculation. Stocks go up and down on rumors and news, but they level off at certain prices based on expectations.

        Would you not agree that there is at least a possibility of a buyout and thus a premium reflected in this stock. I say buyout % around 20% and a $10-$15 premium factored in.

        How you can ignore the stock price and say $7B is beyond me. Are you an insider or patent lawyer expert? Even then the valuations are tough for them to arrive at, so how can you Jack the investor expect to really know if IDCC worth $2B or $7B. Your logic lacks numerical and factual support.

      • IDCC has below average volume <2M since 9/30/11 & <50.

        IDCC will move sideways 40-50 until the outcome is announced. Few (hedge funds?) want to tie up their money, if it can be used elsewhere.

        The individual investor in the driver seat, if at the end IDCC gets an offer of $5B as some articles pointed out. No guarantees.

        No specific date of the outcome and the waiting...

    • And you are pumper or basher...or just bullsheeter?

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