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  • mkc1943forever mkc1943forever Oct 14, 2011 12:21 PM Flag

    Patent: Bazooka or Pee shooter?: WSJ Online

    It's easy to forget, as companies spend billions snapping up patents, that some are more valuable than others. The challenge for investors: gauging which are buying bazookas in their patent troves and which are settling for pea shooters.

    Indeed, firms themselves may not always be totally clear what they're getting. Consider HTC. On July 6, the Taiwanese smartphone-maker paid $300 million for S3 Graphics and its 235 patents. A ...

    Again, As a patent inventor, IDCC almost always wanted to make Essential Patents= Guaranteed revenue, they are toll booths, no lawsuits etc...

    But those are not BAZOOKAS!!!

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    • Last I looked, all iPhones had hotspot? I suggest you upgrade your iOS bro!

      Geeezzzz louissee!

      4g is complete bs on a phone, a pure marketing gimmick by the way.
      However, industry has decided to make it the next 'must have' item on phone.

      Next? 4g in 3d!
      Yeah, I want one of those...not

    • AAPL desperately needs to upgrade to 4G and make the iPhone a hotspot for those who travel with laptops.

    • We know about the 4G/LTE patents that IDCC has declared essential ... there are approximately 441 of them. Do you honestly believe that ALL the others have nothing to do with specific processes that could be included in an OEM's cellphone and smartphone production once 4G/LTE is rolled out? You can not assume that you or anyone else other than IDCC knows exactly what the 10,000 patents that are pending are applicable to. This is why it is impossible for Floss to make the assumptions you have brought up. IDCC HAS NEVER claimed that all their 2G, 2.5G, 3G or 4G/LTE
      patents were or are essential. If 15-20% are, that would be great, but the others are for specific processes and are applicable to specific functions. They represent a value and that value will be recognized by the buyer of the patents or the company, should that occur.


    • There is a major disconnect between the share price/stock market and the auction/strategic process/real world activity.

      At some moment these two markets will connect, information will be exchanged and a new price will surge from that.

      I think that right now the price is closer to a "no deal" than to a "deal" but the market lacks information. This price is the result of hyped expectations of instant gratification not being adequately satisfied.

      There is also a disconnect between our perception of the use of a patent and their actual use.

      The fact that the Nortel patents were "not for trading/making money" (unlike what is stated about IDCC' patents) does NOT mean that they were all "bazookas".....

      I don't think that the totality of IDCC's patents are bland, commercial patents or that the Nortel patents were a swarm of killer bees waiting to act. The truth, the relevance, is somewhere there in the middle.

      I distrust Florian and prefer to look back at the Ocean Tomo & Jeffries writings on the subject...

      What is clear is that patents have been revalued & with that will come a revaluation of those that own them. Be it to make $ or to shoot bazookas.

    • PS: Is this really what is considered a "HUGE" short interest? You see, I may be wrong here, you claim to be long. Yet your language seems an attempt to create a reality that is negative and doesn't exist.

    • mkc1943forever

      How do you know that ALL IDCC patents are pea shooters and not one or a few are bazookas?

      AAPL can be dominant right now vs Samsung with the IPAD and the touchscreen but things change. 2 years ago Ipads did not exist and we have no idea how things will look like in 2 years.

      IDCC patents cover a broader field than the AAPL patents.

      IMO what is happening right now between AAPL & Samsung is abnormal, it will pass. Samsung will have learnt its lesson and AAPL will eat crow in the future for making Samsung loose face and a fortune.

      • 2 Replies to muy_loco_2000
      • muy_loco, he does not know anything about their existing patents or MORE importantly their 10,000 pending patents and what they are applicable to. If he really wanted to learn about IDCC's patents, he would look at the last 30 to 40 that have been approved and he would understand his argument is of no value.
        For his mentor to make claims about patents that he has not been allowed to even evaluate or the 10,000 that are pending is beyond ludicrous.

        BTW: This guys "born on date" on IHUB and his posting on this board are within the last 5 weeks. If he owned the stock at $66 would it really be in his best interest to imply all that he has on this board and IHUB? I think not ...


      • Intuitive I would guess that you are in R&D, goldmine is be covered by FRAND as that has guaranteed monetary values. Other patents you place on a wall and wait.

        So guys like NORTEL had tons of patents, just protecting their IP, most economically useless, because did not focus on FRAND / Essential patents as that was not the business they were in.

        I suspect a 'patent inventor" would aim from FRAND type, but also have others.

        The Barclay initial coverage on IDCC explains patents in a 3 legg theory and state that wireless patents, hence IDCC, are VIP and off great value (the 3rd legg). That re-assures me, but I still need to understand the other argument.

    • IDCC doesn't buy patents. And nobody knows what they have in the pipe of all their "patent pending".

      So to assert that all IDCC has is essential frand type and not some of the "Bazookas" as the article calls it is baseless and cannot be demonstrated with factual support...

      Thank you for your participation

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