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  • dukie_brown_jr dukie_brown_jr Oct 28, 2011 7:14 PM Flag

    Another funny post on Investor Village

    Funny but true. Management is very good at giving themselves options and selling into any uptick. I've been to several shareholder meetings and IDCC is the most unimpressive group I've ever encountered.

    IDCC will remain independent unless they want to sell of small pieces of their IP one at a time. Sad truth is that no one needs IDCC. No need to buy the cow when the milk is free. Ask NOK.

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    • Nokia will pay and so will LG. They already have in the past. All those knowledgeable with the process says the only questions being addressed in court is how much and when, not if.

      hank you for demonstrating how little you know about the sector. Otherwise people might be tempted to lend some credence to your BS.

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      • As another poster somewhere said liscensing is probably getting held up because who wants to sign a deal with a company that is being acquired if you do not know who is doing the buying.

      • "how much and when, not if"

        well that certainly narrows it down. So it could be very little money or a lot of money, and it could be tomorrow, or 10 years from now. That gives plenty of reassurance for investors to sleep at night.

        Unfortunately the major brokerage houses are not buying the IDCC story. Not one single major broker, other than Barclays, which IDCC paid dearly for, and for which they just reduced their price down to $45. So they believe IDCC appreciation from here will be Zippo. The only bullish coverage IDCC has is from Ron Shuttleworth of MPartners, who is kind of like an educated Mickey Britt.

        Hope this helps.

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