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  • boomandgloom boomandgloom Nov 8, 2011 1:00 PM Flag

    Dont get manipulated

    Those tweets about senior tech / employees hit the street hard looking for work is very bullish IMHO.

    I think they see the end is near and it involves a transaction hence the desire the to start looking early. If they believed it was hopeless...then their jobs would be safe...but for some reason they all started hitting LTE Watch guy for work.

    This is to me, the only true positive, unbiased signal from this whole story so far.

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    • I don't view this as a positive sign. I view this as a negative sign as they know as much as we know about the process and are getting impatient and nervous. This indicates poor mgmt IMO.
      Employees don't know if company is going to be sold and they won't have a job. You would think mgmt would have given employees some idea of what was happening, but this sounds like they have no clue either. I think this will come back to bite them if they don't complete a sale.

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      • Since we don't have formal information, anything and everything is spun out of control, disected, talked about for days and transformed into unadulterated BS....

        Inevitably a reductionist spin is created that serves no purpose at all, be it long or short.

        Recurrently the whole and complex reality of what is happening, and of which we know NO details, is spun according to one irrelevant piece of pseudo information....

        "People at IDCC are sending CV's". That is the pseudo information.

        One party, who apparently is in his up period of his manic depressive cycle, makes a case that that is the very best signal he got from the Co. so far !! Absurd !!

        A shorter who, apparently, is now on shorting vacation makes a reduction to this being an awful signal that will come back and haunt management like a "revenge of the zombie nerds" This is absurd too!!

        We don't know what is happening.
        The share is manipulated & played from the short side.
        What is dished as information are planted rumors from parties who profit from the share price decline.
        The only concret, apparently nonmanipulative information I have is that during the past 16 trading days we had 8 days with positive money flow and 8 days with negative money flow.
        The money flow from positive days: +12,409,000
        The Money Flow from negative days: - 5,675,000
        The net difference:----------------+ 6,734,000

57.06+1.26(+2.26%)10:37 AMEDT